40% Fewer emails sent

Tempo: Predictive Engagement Increases Email Revenue by 25%

Hotel Chocolat was convinced that there was greater revenue potential in their customer list, but were unsure of what they could do to harness the list’s full value.

Sending emails at the incorrect frequency is one of the biggest causes of recipient disengagement. Traditionally the whole email list is sent the same number of emails, which is enough for some, not enough for others, and for some customers, far too much! This not only causes disengagement for some customer segments leading to attrition but also reduces the intrinsic earning potential of an email marketing database.

Hotel Chocolat’s pre-Christmas campaign using Tempo: Predictive Engagement achieved remarkable results. Although the number of emails sent year on year was reduced by 40%, revenue from this channel increased by 24.66%.

40% Fewer emails sent
25% increase in Christmas email revenue
We were delighted with the results from using Tempo: Predictive Engagement. The year on year increases in open rates, click through rates and most importantly, conversion far exceeded our expectations. We were particularly impressed that the use of this product not only achieved our lowest ever unsubscribe rate, but that our IP certification and white-list status remained wholly untarnished throughout!

Hotel Chocolat