Cross Device Identification from RedEye

Cross Device Identification converts unknown browsers into customers

At the heart of the RedEye Single Customer View is Cross Device Identification. In this era, delivering multi-channel marketing across an increasingly mobile internet is critical. We make this achievable through our unique and powerful solutions.

Cross Device Identification - Ensuring everything you know about your customers is in one place

RedEye's advanced Cross Device Identification identifies all engagement and activity from your customer’s browsing behaviour, social engagement and transactional activity, across every device they own. It then applies de-duplication techniques to assign these interactions against one unique record. This turns previously unknown browsers into genuine prospects or real customers.

Explore this blog by our CCO about the use of cutting edge customer identification solutions to allow organisations to recognise mobile browsers through their devices.

Accurate Customer Identification

The average customer will use seven different devices during each purchase – how many of them can you identify at the moment? Our Cross Device Identification platform provides accurate customer identification across multiple devices, so you have a single, unique record of that individual’s behaviour. If you are one of the 94% of marketers who say that personalisation is a priority only Cross Device Identification and RedEye’s Customer Data Platform allows you to achieve this, by truly recognising your mobile customers.

Track your customers’ journeys successfully

You need to recognise a customer across multiple devices to successfully track a customer journey. RedEye gives you this recognition, allowing you to talk to all your customers as individuals. Imagine a scenario in which a user visits your website on their phone in the morning, on a desktop whilst at work and then on a tablet in the evening. Are you currently able to tie those activities together in your existing analytics platform under the same customer profile, not as three separate actions? If your answer is ‘only via log ins’, then you will have significant gaps in your customer journey analysis. We can help you fill those gaps.

Cross Device Identification can improve revenue by 54%

I bet you're wondering how we are able to track customer actions across devices when they don't login on each visit? What is the most popular activity when browsing on a mobile or tablet device which could uniquely identify you as the user? Well, our own research shows that the benefits stemming from Cross Device Identification can reach as much as a 54% increase in revenue.

As ecommerce platforms become increasingly sophisticated, connectivity improves, and consumers become more and more comfortable with making purchases using mobile devices, brands will need to employ intelligent analysis to maximise returns on their marketing spend.

Sebastian Gutierrez


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