Mobile – It’s not just the future, it’s now!

    Andrew Stockwell | Client Director

    My two and a half year old swipes the TV screen expecting interactivity, he wants to pick what to watch now rather than wait for it to come on TV! God forbid he comes near my laptop, it is usually a frustrating keyboard bashing session at best*. It’s no wonder that touch screen smart phones have gradually taken over from desktop. When my son reaches teenage years he will simply not accept the desktop/analogue experiences we have grown up with. Although, based on this year’s mobile stats neither will over half the current population!

    Mobile devices are taking over

    The stats don’t lie! We now spend more time focussed on our mobile devices than on our beloved television sets, according to research from

    At last year’s TechCrunch Conference it was announced that of the 900 million users of Gmail, a massive 75% of them check email on a mobile device. RedEye are seeing the same pattern in email usage, with some brands seeing even higher percentages of mobile readership than this.

    Social media, communication for the masses?

    Social media has now become an ordinary way to communicate for the masses. A combination of rapid mobile development and easy-to-use social media mobile apps are the primary reason for this and trust me, it’s not showing signs of slowing. Research from Nielsen show us that Android and Apple users over the age of 18 spend 65% more time engaging with mobile apps than they did two years ago. This equates to over 30 hours a month spent staring at these mobile apps on average which sounds crazy when you say it out loud, even worse if you think some of us probably spend even more time on them than that!

    It’s all good news for Facebook. Facebook’s profit figures have shown us that more brands than ever are investing in advertising on social media, linking your messages with the use of custom audiences is a key strategy in mobile marketing. You really can implement 1-2-1 multi-channel marketing in today’s mobile use explosion.

    It’s one big opportunity

    Mobile does not pose a danger or a risk, but a massive opportunity! 40% of marketers polled by said they never include mobile marketing in their strategy with a mere 10% using mobile marketing consistently enough to consider it part of their strategy. What? No one is really doing it? We’re missing a trick here! Mobile presents you with a perfect opportunity to connect with your customer on a device that is permanently glued to most people under 30’s hand. This gives you the opportunity to communicate with them at the time they most need you to, want you to or at the time they are most likely to buy from you. Think mobile in everything you do as your customers certainly are.

    *This is not my work laptop for the desktop support guys!