My Non-Valentine's Valentine's Blog. It’s a Date Thing…

    Danni Hunt | Head of Future Email

    I am not anti-Valentine’s Day, I just don’t participate every year (I cannot comment on my suitors, of course!). It’s more of an anti-occasion thing. ‘The Occasion’ in my opinion is the worst kind of marketing. It doesn’t end with Valentine’s Day either: Easter, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Halloween, Black Friday, I could go on. Every brand feels the need to stuff inboxes full of occasional verbs and adjectives all for our benefit. If the occasion doesn’t fit, just ride it, despite your fallen segmentation strategy.

    While I appreciate there is a client commercial need to keep up with the Jones’s and turn something bland like an insurance policy into a lover’s ‘can’t live without’ dream, is it all too much for our inboxes to handle? Let’s face it, by the time we reach February 14th, we’re sick of the sight of hearts and roses whether you’re single or recently married. This saturation can often have a negative impact encouraging us to avoid! I have already unsubscribed in my head and heart!

    For the majority of us though, we cannot avoid our own personal calendars. Unless you’re Miss Moneypenny or have just graduated from PA University, time management, organisation and basic memory are difficult to keep a grip on in today’s fast-paced, digital world. Everything tends to be rather last minute.  Outside of work, there’s dog walking, washing, kids, and trying to log off your email to watch a favourite box set before the daily grind starts again the following day.

    So what does this have to do with multi-channel marketing?

    If 2015 was dominated by rich, personalised content, 2016 should be about timing.  As clever marketers we’ve nailed segmentation, content and device. However, given how much our lifestyles are now influenced by access to mobile devices, the timing of our beautiful marketing messages has gone a little off kilter. When I started my career in digital marketing, the collaborative industry agreed (by no real scientific means by all accounts*) that Tuesdays at 11am was the perfect time to send a marketing email communication! Haha! Thankfully attitudes have changed since 2002, but so have our lifestyles. The problem is, whilst our marketing messages have become smarter, cross device, content savvy and behaviour specific, full of fantastic offers tailored to the individual, most of us simply don’t have the time to respond when we read it! Oooh, love those shoes in the sale, love that discount code that expires at midnight; I must remember to come back to that email later today and buy. But we never remember do we? Too busy walking the dog and doing the washing.  Is it a missed opportunity or just bad timing? Those digital dollars have just drained away also leaving in their wake a very frustrated customer.

    Time spent with a boyfriend brand should also count for something. If I love your brand, I want you to love me back, so why are you talking to me as if we’ve never been out? Brands need to recognise engagement rings levels; it’s like free advertising. Similarly, if I’m a new prospect I need a different kind of wooing. Give me some love! Get my drift?! Relevancy in the customer lifecycle should be easy to implement and be part of the norm. If not, you can just throw away that relationship you’ve spent time building.

    Could predictive dating be the key between brand and customer? Deploy your love filled message to your customer, knowing they will receive their personalised content at an optimised time, when they have frequently responded before (sounds like an angel has just dropped from Marketing Heaven!) It’s not an impossible dream.

    Our Valentine’s Gift to You…

    In 2016 RedEye can offer solutions to all of these customer requirements (I know, your heart just skipped a beat!). Now I have your attention!

    1. Click Here to Remind Me

    How about offering your customers the ability to resend the message to themselves at a time more convenient to them? A simple concept yet packs a major punch in conversion. ‘Send this to me again when I have more time and can respond’. The maths says it all; we all check our devices countless times during the day but only 5% of these present an opportunity to purchase. I need not explain further. Hang on though! There’s another love handle to this product.  Yes, the recipient can determine when they re-receive the message, but the client can also determine when the reminder is sent! Feel the love my friends! What are some heart-felt seductive scenarios where this product could help provide a solution? Before the sale finishes, at payday, when I need to buy that gift, when I’ve got those travel details to hand, when Coronation Street has finished. Hurrah! 

    2. Dynamic Messaging According to Customer Lifecycle

    Yes! Sophisticated segmentation in RedEye’s multi-channel platform, Contour, now allows you to change parts of your correspondence according to where that individual sits in your database.  Finally you can easily talk to individuals according to their brand engagement. Three little words… ‘Drag and Drop’. Same message, massive hug!

    3. Dedicated Delivery Times Per Individual Recipient

    Deploy your email as usual but your customers receive the offer at their own most optimised engagement period. The right day, the right message, the right content and finally at the right time. Phew!

    Timely Conclusion

    So summing up from a girl with no time and who needs to put some washing on; hearts and roses have a limited shelf life, but giving back the gift of time to your customers has to be the best Valentine’s present ever. We don’t all fit into a commercial calendar, however we do have our own agendas and routines. Respecting the love of your customer base will always reap the biggest reward and serve a long-term relationship to each party’s benefit.

    Lots of Love,

    Danni @ RedEye


    *The science: No one has internet access at home. All people will delete their inboxes on Monday morning and won’t look up from their work until almost Tuesday lunchtime… Haha!