RedEye Partner with Localz, the Micro-Location Technology Experts

    Oliver Stewart, Head of Partnerships at RedEye caught up with Antony Gibson, Business Development Manager at Localz to find out more about how location technology can bring value to business, and how the partnership with RedEye is an exciting step in creating a seamless online and offline customer experience.

    Q: Tell us about Localz?

    A: Localz are a location tech specialist, providing awesome location experiences that connect the online and physical world based on where someone is or what they’re next to. So if you know where somebody is, in real time, what could you do for that person?  What business benefit could you bring to that customer? That’s what we are all about at Localz.

    Q: There has been a lot of hype around beacon technology over the past couple of years. Why all the hype?

    A: This came about around 2013 with the launch of Apple iBeacon and what the technology meant retailers could do around the retail journey and shopping experience, particularly ‘in app’.

    This initial vision of transformation implied that everyone was going to take up beacons and create these fantastic experiences. While beacons can enable some really cool experiences, in reality we’ve seen that many businesses initially used them for very generic promos and discounts. This is not a great use of tech - it’s not enough just to have some beacons and to send the same thing to everybody. The turning point is knowing your customer, - who they are, their background, their customer journey and what is really relevant to them, then using that information to enhance the customer’s experience based on where they are in the real world, in real time.  

    Q: What are the Analysts saying?

    A: Analyst hype goes back several years. ABI Research, Inc., a technology market intelligence company expects micro-location to become as standard as GPS and estimates that more than 800 milllion smart phones will be actively using the technology by 2018. There is market validation for this not just from analysts, but from the market and customers that Localz are working with.

    What we at Localz are seeing is that customer deployments are now more focussed on where there is a real business benefit for that company, not just for their customers but also for staff and operational efficiencies. All B2C companies are on a journey to deliver a truly Omni channel strategy, and we know this is a whole jigsaw of things to put together. But if you have a physical space of any kind where you want to communicate to your customers then there is something we can bring to the table.

    Q: What challenges do businesses face in using micro-location effectively?

    A: The most common challenge is not knowing your customer well enough and that’s not to do with location but all the other pieces of the customer puzzle. Questions like who is your customer? What do you know about them? What is it that you want to communicate to them whatever space they are in? You need answers to these questions! If you can’t then it may not be the right time to start implementing location technology for marketing purposes.

    When we are working in location we are often working in a mobile app space, enabling communication via an app to the end consumer. As a consumer, if we download an app it’s for a very good reason. What drives adoption is engagement with the brand and the value add a business can give that consumer in their experience. When you combine great customer data with this adoption, companies can target and talk to consumers not only with relevant content but also in close proximity and real time. 

    Q: What excites you about the partnership between RedEye and Localz?

    A: Localz are the location glue that will bolt together online and offline journeys together with physical locations. We can help connect and extend great solutions like RedEye with offline, allowing customers to create journeys, experiences or content that’s relevant, and quickly deployed in real time based on where they are right now. Our partnership with RedEye creates cohesion between the online experience and physical world opening the doors to enormous potential and value for our collaborative customers.

    Q: What’s next for Localz, what should business’ lookout for?

    A: The next big thing is more operational efficiency roll outs. So where we are getting real attraction from customers is where we can unlock a business efficiency or improve a process at the back end; this could be for staff efficiency in store, it could be for logistics, it could be for real world experiences such as delivery. Beacons were once purely viewed as a promotions and discounts tool but at Localz we are not just beacons! We manage location technology whether it be GPS beacons, Wi-Fi or QR codes. We can trigger anything that you have that tells you where someone is and we can feed that into enterprise back-end systems so our customers can make an intelligent decision about how to add value to the consumer, how to add operational efficiency gains, whilst also cutting costs. Combining those two in a platform that can be easily started and rolled out cost effectively makes Localz really unique in the market. We are really excited about the future, and an exciting journey with RedEye!

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