RedEye's Twelve Days of Christmas 2016

    Over this festive period, on the twelve working days leading up to Christmas Eve we will be posting a new tip or piece of key advice from our RedEye experts on this page. So check back each day for a new tip!

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about customer journey mapping

     In my role I get to speak with a variety of different companies, but our conversations always come down to one thing - “the customer”. Delivering that consistent and high quality user experience is no easy task. It’s clear that if marketing has one goal, it’s to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions, but additional pressure is added to also understand the customer journey.

    If customer journey mapping is part of your 2016 strategy, then I would start by asking the following questions: Why are you mapping? What are your objectives? What changes will you make as a result of your findings? And then… are you prepared to make those changes? If I could give you two tips it would be to start small, don’t do too much at once, ensure you identify the needs of the business and the points of failure in the customer journey. Secondly, let data availability and accuracy help plan and prioritise which customer journeys to analyse.

    Roisin Campbell, Head of Strategy and Sales Support

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about omni-channel strategy

    As technology is ever evolving, it is playing an increasingly larger part within the event industry, it’s clear we are stepping away from the more traditional events and opting for the creation of almost a virtual experience to entice and encourage prospects/customers to understand more about our products and services. We are now encouraging event attendees to not only relay their feedback through face to face interaction and post event surveys, but also instantly through the use of social media.

    Giving your target audience the choice of how they would like to interact with you and not limiting them to one channel of communication, only enhances engagement with customers seeking the Omni-Channel experience. As many marketers know, the journey to completing a purchase can start in many ways, whether a consumer is at an event, online, or have received a simple phone call – implementing an Omni-Channel strategy only aids the buying journey, and we need to prepare for it!

     Abby Richards, RedEye Marketing Manager

    On the tenth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, insights into email in 2016

    My first prediction for 2016, is that personalisation will be made as easy as mince pie; providing the tools to create simple segmentation across all messages, all channels wherever that individual lies in your customer lifecycle.  Send your blanket-latest-offer-led email to your masses, but take one or two parts and change the message according to their recent behaviour.

    This has to be a given.  If I’ve been a loyal advocate and spent a fortune with your brand in the last six months, I want you to recognise this in my weekly email.  If I’ve engaged and still not bought, then obviously I need to see a different offering.  All this, but not at the expense of the client.

    Secondly, timing can be everything.  Right message, right content, right device, but wrong time. In the New World none of us have the luxury to see, like and purchase in an instance. Predictive timing where we can identify the optimum response time could be key.  Even better, let your customers tell you to postpone this message until a more convenient time (yes, I have the solution).  Real multi-channel experiences will continue to develop.  Marrying those touchpoints together is the utopia of the single customer view we all treasure.

    Danni Hunt, RedEye Head of Future Email

    On the ninth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about hiring those sought after CRO experts:

    Looking to hire dedicated CRO roles in 2016 and kickstart your CRO efforts? This was the most common barrier from the 2015 CRO report. To help you find these hard to find people, consider ‘converting’ a web analyst into a CRO role and training them up – they have many of the skills needed to be successful. You could also try attracting people using high-potential performance based incentives – realise these roles will have a big impact on your bottom line, so you should try to reward them based on improvements in revenue/conversion rates.

    Rich Page, RedEye Head of CRO Strategy

    On the eighth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about creating a single customer view:

    I think we can all agree that silo’d data and a lack of system integrations can make a genuine single customer view or omni-channel strategy an impossible proposition.

    But these are issues for the future right? Next year, the year after! Well I think the need to implement a brilliant working omni-channel strategy will be a requirement far earlier than that! But whether you agree with me or not about this vision of the future, a lack of cohesive customer data can also dramatically reduce the power, right now, of your current seasonal marketing efforts to a level that actually starts irritating your potential customer.

    Receiving an email encouraging you to buy the item you were viewing on your laptop last night, when you’ve already bought it sat in bed on your smartphone … This doesn’t inspire the customer that you know what’s going on!  Not a situation any marketer wants to be in! So, my top tip – a customer data platform isn’t just about the ‘future’, silo’d data is hampering your long-planned marketing efforts right now. Join your customer data together, so however far you are down the road of multi-channel and omni-channel, you’re taking with you engaged and loyal customers.

    Laura McHenry, RedEye Marketing Director

    On the seventh day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about database growth:

    Having spent the last few weeks with a number of our clients rounding up 2015 performance, there’s a theme coming out of these sessions for a focus in 2016 – growing their contactable database.

    Whatever strategy you’re putting in place to gather more email or direct mail contacts, make sure it’s consistent. Also ensure that you only ask for information you plan to use as nothing will turn off a prospect more than asking for their inside leg measurement (when it’s not applicable of course!) If you’re planning to merge in a firstname, make sure you ask for firstname and not just initial for example. Finally, make sure you’re compliant (find out more about compliancy here) with all the latest data collection regulations so you can actually use the good quality data you’ve gathered.

    Georgina Thompson, RedEye Head of Account Management

    On the sixth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip for actionable insights:

    In recent years customer experience has been a key focus for many organisations as they strive to create a competitive advantage in their markets.  Investment in technology and people to generate and apply customer insights which improve targeting, personalisation, content and channel capabilities are key development areas, alongside ensuring that appropriate measurement is in place.

    A critical element for all new insights projects is actionability!  The outputs must address the “So what!” factor.

    When commissioning a new research or analysis project to generate customer insights be clear about what business questions it will address. Who will use it? How it will be used? How will you measure the impact? Then ensure it is structured in a way that is both easy to understand but also potentially easy to communicate at different levels of an organisation.

    Mark Thomas, RedEye Head of Insight

    On the fifth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip for website redesign:

    Planning a website redesign for 2016? It’s important to realise that full redesigns can often fail to increase sales as much as hoped - the major redesign in 2014 actually caused a significant drop in sales (and many angry customers). Instead you should aim for incremental CRO-based changes to redesign your website. Doing these smaller changes over the year using A/B testing, web analytics, visitor and expert feedback best practices often ensures a much stronger impact on conversion rates and revenue. And of course, much happier website visitors too!

    Rich Page, RedEye Head of CRO Strategy

    On the fourth day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip about 2016’s hot topic – Personalisation:

    2016 will be the year when personalisation is constantly at the forefront of marketer’s minds.

    We all like to be recognised by the brands we do business with. Just as we are impressed when the barista in your coffee shop remembers your order, we are similarly pleased when brands recognise us as a valuable customer, whether it be in-store or online.

    And it is not just an emotional attachment. RedEye’s case study folder is littered with clients who have improved conversion and ROI by using the data held on their customers to make communications more relevant.

    All of RedEye’s focus is currently on helping our clients to use the vast amount of data we can collect on their customers to improve their communications across a wider set of channels. By collecting information from all the client touchpoints, everything from past customer purchases to the most recent products viewed on the website can all be used to personalise, and improve, the customer experience.

    Matthew Kelleher RedEye Chief Commercial Officer

    On the third day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, advice on making the most of this festive season’s mobile purchases:

    Christmas is the season of new phones and tablets, millions will be given as presents this year. Whilst it’s wonderful for the retailers selling them, for online businesses in general, it poses one big headache - tying people's activity to their new device. With the January sales no doubt starting on Christmas Eve, it's critical we are ready for this by understanding activity over the festive period and tying it back to individuals to produce personalised sale campaigns.

    So make sure you have the technology and processes in place to allow you to track people across devices. Give them incentives and reasons to announce themselves on new devices, from opening emails on a new phone through to opening an app on that shiny new tablet.

    Garry Lee, RedEye CEO

    On the second day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip on following up on my campaigns:

    Use behavioural data to follow-up on your key campaigns through the Christmas period to maximise your return on investment.  The best email campaigns inspire action by sharing key information and providing relevance to the recipient. Follow-up’s can add this relevancy as the response to the initial campaign can tell you a lot about the recipient. What have they clicked on and not purchased? What was browsed after a purchase? Did the recipient open but not click on anything? All these behaviours can be used to trigger a follow-up message which is more relevant. Build follow-up’s into your strategy to ensure as many sales can be made as possible through the Christmas period. As your customers will be receiving many communications from your competitors in this period, make sure yours are the most relevant to them.

    Andrew Stockwell, RedEye Client Director

    On the first day of Christmas, RedEye gave to me, a tip for email engagement:

    If you want your customers to value your email and to open it every time they receive it, make sure the content is something they would want to read. It sounds simple but the recipient’s key motivator when deciding whether to open your latest email, is how useful and interesting they found the last one you sent them. Customer knowledge should underpin the development of content and creative strategies for all digital communications. 

    Tim Roe, RedEye Head of Deliverability and Compliance