Ironic Post Alert: I Wasn’t Loyal to My Blog Fanbase and Took it Elsewhere

    Matthew Kelleher | Chief Commercial Officer
    I have a little confession. Working in the marketing world, I see brands promoting themselves and their content day in and day out. But recently I experienced the other side of the coin and was a guest author on Econsultancy, where someone else found my content interesting enough to publish. I’m not going to lie, while it felt great, I’m also actually a bit annoyed that it’s not something I’ve spoken about on this blog for you lot to read. So I’m remedying that now.
    I won’t just replicate what’s already on Econsultancy – partly because it’s technically an exclusive and I’d get in trouble – but mostly because I know my audience and reckon quite a lot of you may have already read it yourselves!
    And if you haven’t, actually in a roundabout way, that’s what the piece is about: making sure your content is tailored to the recipients in order to build rapport and, in turn, loyalty. In the article though, I’m not talking about slightly megalomaniac CCOs (who’ve had a small taste of fame on a retail marketing website and have convinced themselves they have hordes or loyal followers awaiting the next blog post), but rather how retailers can buck the perceived trend that loyalty no longer exists. 
    Retailers have heaps of data about their customers, but need to put some work in to use it effectively in order to retain their most loyal customers. It’s not that customers  are keen to cheat on us with the slightly cheaper version down the road – the onus is on us to use our assets (data) to keep the relationship fresh and continue to woo them as much as possible to encourage them to stay.
    You can read more in the article here – it’s not a bad piece at all, if I do say so myself!