Econsultancy & RedEye Predictive Analytics Report 2016

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    Download RedEye and Econsultancy's first Predictive Analytics Report. The research is based on an online survey completed by nearly 400 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals.

    The aim of this research is provide a benchmark of where organisations are in their journey towards the implementation and application of predictive analytics. This is done by examining the current usage and methods employed by practitioners, budgets available, plans for the future and perceptions of the importantance or predictive analytics going forward.

    The report focuses on the following areas:

    • Predictive Analytics Maturity Model

    How a maturity model can be used as a roadmap to guide organisations and businesses on their predictive analytics journey.

    • Application of Predictive Analytics

    From descriptive analytics to prescriptive analytics, discover how your business can best apply predictive analytics to reach objectives.

    • Key Competencies and Skills

    Whether you’re more confident applying a ‘test & learn’ approach or feature engineering, find out which skills and competencies are most critical for the effective use of predictive analytics.

    • Tools, Solutions and Business Benefits

    Discover how predictive analytics can help provide a better customer experience, a high priority for many digital marketing strategies.

    • Investment and Budgeting

    The key factors and benefits in investing and budgeting for predictive analytics, as well as future trends.

    • Barriers to Success

    What are the greatest barriers to using predictive analytics more effectively? Find our more by downloading our report below.

    • Staffing and Talent Acquisition

    How investment in staffing and talent acquisition can significantly alter your company’s approach and efficiency in predictive analytics.

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