Abandon basket email campaign generates 678% ROI

The Challenge

Clifford James is part of the multi-channel retail group BVG-Airflo. As a traditional catalogue retailer with a growing online presence, BVG-Airflo recognised it needed to gain a better understanding of online customer behaviour across its portfolio of ecommerce websites if it was to improve conversion and sales.

Like most online retailers BVG was aware of the large number of users abandoning online shopping baskets before making a purchase. BVG wanted to find a way to re-engage these users and convert more abandoned basket users into buying customers.

The Solution

Using RedEye’s behavioural email programme of integrating web analytics with email marketing, BVG implemented an abandoned basket behavioural email campaign. The behavioural email campaign was designed to uplift conversion through re-engaging any users that may have been distracted while making their purchase or needed additional reassurance and support during the buying process.

By extracting accurate analytics regarding online customer behaviour RedEye helped BVG identify online users abandoning their online shopping baskets before completing a purchase. Based on this information BVG sent a highly personalised and targeted email to each individual abandoned basket user to re-engage the customer and encourage them back to the website to complete their order.

An initial behavioural email was sent 1 day after the user abandoned their online shopping basket. If the user did not re-engage a follow up email was sent 3 days later offering the user a 10% discount.

RedEye’s in-house segmentation tool made it possible for BVG to easily create customer segments based on online customer behaviour. This ensured a highly targeted email was sent to every individual abandoned basket user.

In addition to the abandoned basket behavioural email campaign BVG also focused on improving email marketing campaigns across its portfolio of sites by utilising RedEye’s easy to use email ASP solution, REACT.

During all email campaigns RedEye provided BVG with ongoing support and guidance to ensure success.

The Results

Within the first three months of working with RedEye, BVG received a 20% improvement in deliverability, 16% increase in click throughs, a 10% rise in average order values and 154% uplift in revenue generated by its email marketing campaigns.

The abandoned basket behavioural email campaign implemented on the Clifford James website resulted in a 678% return on investment driven by a 70% increase in open rates, 36% click through rate and a 10% click to order conversion.

  • 678% ROI
  • 70% Open rate
  • 36% Click rate
  • 10% Click to order

RedEye’s agility, support and pro-active approach to problem solving has exceeded our expectations. We have experienced a 678% return for our behavioural email campaigns and a 154% revenue improvement from our email marketing campaigns. My only issue with RedEye is that we weren’t working with them sooner.


Clifford James


Increase in open rates from email campaign


Improvement in deliverability


Abandon email click through rate

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