7 Top Rated Social Media Management Tools for Every Day of the Week

    Having an active presence on social media is essential for any brand now, but with so many other platforms to manage, you’ll need the right social media tools to ensure you post regularly, keep your content relevant and understand its impact. We’ve rounded up what we think are the most useful, exciting and innovative tools for social media marketing, to help you get the most from your social strategy.


    Hootsuite is one of the largest and most popular platforms for businesses managing their social media, used by many huge companies and organisations. It helps with all the key things you need; security, scheduling, monitoring and analytics, plus much more.


    If you want to make sure all of your content is perfectly spelled and grammatically sound, then Grammarly is a great tool to add to your arsenal. You can scan your writing and it will give you hints, tips and ways to improve it.


    For the busiest social media maestros, there’s MeetEdgar, a helpful tool that automates elements of your social media posting so that you have more time to spend crafting eloquent responses to personal contacts from customers. It will also repost evergreen content for you.


    TweetDeck has been around for a while, and lets you navigate the fast-paced Twitter-sphere to make the most of the platform, communicate with followers and join in with conversations and trending topics.

    Content calendars

    Not a packaged-up tool, but something every social media marketer should create. A content calendar will help you manage and plan your content for the weeks and months ahead. Use Google Sheets or Excel to create a tab for every month and make sure to do some research on relevant events, holidays and trends that you can use in your marketing.

    Social Flow

    This one is used by lots of news outlets and publishers and is particularly useful if you create lots of longer blog-style or editorial pieces. Offering solutions for security and monetisation as well as lots of other useful ways to share your content.


    Last but not least, there’s our very own Contour, which allows you to get to grips with your data, hone in on that all important single customer view, and manage your paid social media efforts effectively. With Contour you can:

    • Create Custom Audiences and deliver highly personalised and targeted adverts on social media platforms.

    • Collate customer data based on on-site behaviour and channel engagement.

    • Place your ads on social channels at the right point of the customer journey to influence decision.

    • Create a Single Customer View to target customers at each step of the customer journey, including the contact they make with your brand on social media.

     If you’d like tailored recommendations for your social media strategy get in touch to find out more.