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An accurate single customer view is at the heart of everything we do

Tie customer data together from any touchpoint into a comprehensive customer record, using our SCV, held at the core of our marketing automation (MAP) and customer data (CDP) platform.

Customer record card from a single customer view

Powerful customer databases built on experience

We have been building customer databases for clients since 1997. The power of the RedEye database and our management and application of customer data is one of the key factors that make us different.
Delivering the most compelling personalised content, increasing engagement and ultimately conversation starts with the development of a database that connects, unifies and enriches all of your customer data and behaviour in one place – a SCV.
We’re a passionate believer that a valuable single customer view is the foundation to any successful data driven marketing strategy.


We eliminate your customer data silos and connect every on and offline touchpoint your customer has with your brand into one database.
Connect your person, product, transactional, loyalty data and more to form a complete and bespoke picture of your customers.


The strength of your SCV is measured on its ability to unify and deduplicate customer records. We automatically connect the dots between each data source you send us.
Using 24 unique identifiers your data is unified to create complete and individual customer records.


We enrich every customer profile with onsite behavioural tracking and channel engagement data.
Understand how and when customers engage with your brand and react in real-time to trigger automated campaigns from any point within the customer journey.

Couple watching Sky TV

Quick pace needed for Sky's Abandoned Basket programmes

“I really enjoy working with RedEye on Sky’s Abandoned Basket programme. RedEye strive to push the programme forward, always coming up with new initiatives to try. They are also very accommodating to Sky’s quick pace which is essential. I hope we work together for many more years to come.”

Victoria O'Brien, Digital Product Owner Manager

Predictive Frequency Management increases engagement by 17%

“We’ve gone from sending one or two emails a week to sending almost every day. Our open rates have increased to nearly 40%, click-throughs are averaging about 6% and conversion rate has over doubled.”

Charlotte Freddi, CRM Marketing Manager, Gtech

Email income increases by 44% in their first year using RedEye marketing automation

“We are extremely pleased with the results RedEye have helped us to achieve in our first year together. We truly feel like they are in it with us, supporting our growth with an email campaign programme that aids us in targeting our different groups of customers with a personalised approach, which has driven fantastic results.”

eCommerce Manager, allbeauty

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Single Customer View

Actionable customer data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

AI-driven predictive analytics

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.

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