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Predictive Frequency Management increases engagement by 17%

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At a glance

• Supercharging email from a supporting channel to a main driver of revenue


• Open rates above 40% and conversion rate of 4.1%


• Highly engaged contacts increased by 17%


• Maintaining a healthy IP and domain reputation by becoming whitelisted

A world leader in cordless technology

Gtech developed the world’s first cordless power sweeper. Since then, Gtech have gone from strength-to-strength selling over 22 million products in 19 countries, becoming the experts in the field of cordless technology, and expanding into garden tools, ebikes and massage beds.


The Gtech mission is to make life easier and more enjoyable by creating ergonomic, lightweight but high performing home and lifestyle products.

Gtech Grass Cutter

Changing consumer behaviours

Prior to March 2020, Gtech’s primary advertising routes were via Direct Mail, TV and radio. With the closure of non-essential retail during lockdown, consumer behaviour shifted dramatically towards online channels and as a result Gtech’s website saw increased traffic and engagement.


New visitors were signing up to receive email newsletters on an hourly basis and engagement with their email campaigns began to soar. Gtech realised that email was fast becoming their most valuable asset and a change of approach.

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Pivoting business priorities to put email marketing at the centre

With a huge increase in engagement Gtech wanted to substantially increase the volume of emails they were sending to increase communication and conversion opportunity.


However, with historically low sending volumes and a once a week sending frequency, dramatically increasing volume and frequency could potentially damage their reputation with ISPs and run the risk of Gtech emails being blocked completely.


RedEye consulted with Gtech to plan and implement an enhanced email strategy to not only maintain their high engagement rate but to also strengthen their sender reputation further, ensuring their emails made it to the inbox.

Gtech were now sending emails to the right people, at the right time and at the best frequency for the individual, which helped them to achieve an increase in their most engaged contacts by 17%.

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Predictive Frequency Optimisation to boost engagement

Firstly, to help Gtech understand who they should be targeting, when and how frequently RedEye analysed Gtech’s historic engagement trends and developed a custom frequency based segmentation strategy.


These segments, based on current and predicted engagement levels of their subscriber base, were rapidly rolled out to capitalise on the changing consumer behaviour.


In a short period of time Gtech had changed their approach to email completely and were able to identify the contacts that wanted to receive their messages and began targeting them more frequently.


Despite the increase in volume, their newly optimised segments meant Gtech were now sending emails to the right people, at the right time and at the best frequency for the individual, which helped them to achieve an increase in their most engaged contacts by 17%.

Reacting to a change in consumer sentiment

Judging the mood of the nation and analysing which content their subscribers were engaging with, Gtech began to include more light-hearted informational and blog style content into their emails.


This complementary style of content was vital to move contacts from less engaged segments, and therefore less likely to purchase at this stage, to more highly engaged segments and into an automated programme of increased frequency which helped them see conversion rates of over 4.1%.


Traditionally, after purchasing a household item such as a cordless vacuum, Gtech would see drop offs in engagement and customers who had made their purchase would unsubscribe.


However, through the inclusion of blog and added value content resulted in customers who had recently made a purchase remaining engaged with Gtech and continuing to engage and interact with the content-led lifestyle emails and they continued to see improvements in open rates up to 40%.

Gtech Lawn Mower

“We’ve seen a great response to emails since COVID-19. We’ve gone from sending one or two emails a week to sending almost every day. Our open rates have increased to nearly 40%, click-throughs are averaging about 6% and conversion rate has over doubled. With the support of RedEye’s and their frequency optimisation strategies, email has gone from a supporting channel to one of the main drivers of our revenue.”


Charlotte Freddi, CRM Marketing Manager,


Increase in highly engaged contacts.


Open rates.


Conversion rate.

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