Email Marketing For Automotive Dealerships


Transform the way your car dealership talks to customers and increase test drive bookings

A car is the second largest purchase a customer makes in their lifetime. Making the right decision is essential with so many blockers and barriers that can halt the process. It’s your job to overcome those blockers and demonstrate how you can help your customers find their dream car.

Customer record car and segmentation for car dealerships

Identify customer interests and where they are in the buying stage

Segment on interests and buying signals

Focusing on the specific interests of your customers, such as preferred vehicle features, performance needs, or lifestyle compatibility. Tailor your messages to align with their stage in the buying process, whether they are just exploring options, ready for a test drive, or comparing financing plans.

Segment on demographics

Segment your audience based on demographics such as age, income, location, and family status. Promote spacious SUVs and family-friendly features to parents, highlight affordable models and financing options to young professionals, or emphasise luxury and performance for high-income segments.

Craft amazing looking email creatives and reduce manual processes

Go beyond walls of text – use rich media including video

Prospects need a receive lot information, convincing and reassurance throughout your marketing activities. Our Email Builder facilitates this with easy embedding of video reels on top of being able to select from a range of beautifully crafted mobile-friendly templates.

Saves you time and eliminates repetitive tasks

Our Email Builder tool comes packed with functionality. We have Saved Rows, Synced Rows and personalised Display Conditions. What this means to you is only having to update rows of content in one place, ideal for those dealerships who work with multiple manufacturers who each have strict brand guidelines.

Let automation take care of your workload with Dealerweb integrations

We integrate with Dealerweb and other Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

A strong collaboration with Dealerweb

For over 4 years we’ve worked closely with Dealerweb and their clients to harness the full potential of the data this DMS collects. By connecting our platform with Dealerweb, we provide a seamless dataflow that cuts manual processes, allowing dealerships to focus on delivering personalised, high-quality service.

Custom customer data integrations

Our platform is flexible and powerful to facilitate a complete customer record with many data collection points. We can build custom dataflows or APIs for your dealership allowing you to achieve higher efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales performance.

See our platform in action

Black business women wearing red working at her laptop

See how RedEye releases the potential of your customer data to create personalised multichannel campaigns across the customer lifecycle.


In under 3 minutes you’ll discover:

  • How quick it is to create customer segments for use in campaigns
  • The simplicity in building dynamic personalised email creatives
  • The joy of creating multichannel campaigns from a single workflow
  • How AI-driven predictive models will transform your customer lifecycle marketing


Marketing automation for car dealerships

Use automation to keep your customer fully informed at every stage

Nurture prospects and retain customers with personalisation

Create marketing campaigns that automatically send personalised content based on a prospect’s interests and behavioural interactions on your website such as Abandoned Inquiry, Abandoned Test Drive or Service Reminder SMS.

Create workflows for any scenario

Whatever your target is, a workflow is the answer; like increasing test drives, increasing service bookings, or heavily promoting stock that needs to be shifted from the forecourt. Using a combination of Email and SMS you can create journeys that will outperform anything you currently run.

Email marketing for car dealerships

Retain customers and generate recurring revenue

Boost customer retention and loyalty

Maintaining strong relationships with existing customers is key. Our platform helps you keep in touch with personalised communications, including service reminders, follow-up emails, and exclusive offers. Stay top of mind and encourage repeat business with regular, relevant interactions.

Service and maintenance reminders

Automated reminders for scheduled maintenance or service check-ups to help retain customers and offer a great customer experience. Send these reminders via email, SMS, or even app notifications.

Send targeted emails and SMS to your customers

Combine email marketing with SMS to give timely or urgent communications

Test drive bookings, service appointments and more

Our platform comes with SMS fully integrated into campaign management allowing you to create compelling multichannel communications. Send prospects and customers SMS messages that they’ll love to read.

Urgent vehicle recalls and post service follow-ups

Need to contact your customers urgently about a new recall? Send an SMS and follow-up with an email to cater for all audiences. Send post service surveys using Two-Way SMS to gain insight into how well your dealership is performing.

Are you ready to take RedEye for a test drive?

RedEye empowers the automotive industry to succeed in delivering the data-driven marketing strategies you need to increase test drive numbers and convert more wheel-kickers into long-term customers.
By leveraging RedEye’s capabilities, you will create more personalised and engaging experiences, optimise your marketing efforts, and improve your operational decisions.


Get in touch

One of our friendly experts will find out a little more about your customer challenges and give you a tour of our platform.

Explore our full capabilities

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Explore more capabilities

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns across multiple channels – all from one screen.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.


Email, SMS, web push, retargeting

Reduce your time, tech stack and license fees by moving to a platform that can offer you all the channels you need.

Single Customer View

Actionable customer data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.


Powerful integrations

Our integrations make it simple to manage your bespoke single customer view with feeds from your data warehouses, CRM’s, CMS & more.

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