Magnet Trade Kitchens case study

Magnet Trade introduce SMS alongside email to increase survey response rate by 33%

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At a glance

• Cross-channel marketing implemented from a single workflow canvas


• Utilising the expert advice and recommendations made possible from weekly account check-ins


• A 33% increase in response rate in the post purchase and post quote survey journey


• Gaining valuable additional customer insights that would have remained unknown

Introducing Magnet Trade

Magnet Trade is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of trade kitchens and joinery, including doors, floors, and trade consumables. Magnet Trade offers an omnichannel approach with trade counters and retail showrooms nationwide alongside their website Magnet Trade is part of Magnet Kitchens, the consumer arm of the business.

Rustic Magnet Trade Kitchen

The importance of securing repeat customers

As with any business, regular repeat customers offer the most value, reduce the heavy reliance on acquisition and secure long term profitability.


In Magnet Trade’s case this is amplified, as their trade customers are more akin to partners. Delivering the best possible customer experience is vital and a top priority for the CRM marketing team.


Therefore, considerable effort and thought is put into Magnet’s post purchase and post quote journey to evaluate customer experience and react accordingly.

Modern Magnet Ludlow Kitchen

The original, single channel, post purchase and quote journey

Using RedEye’s workflow journey builder, the team at Magnet Trade set up four automations to trigger post purchase surveys at key intervals following a purchase and quote from the kitchen or joinery categories.


Once setup, the post purchase and quote automation saved valuable time for the team over manually sending out email campaigns. Initial results were positive with response rate conversion rates above 5.5%.


Pleased with the insight the responses gave, the Magnet Trade team were keen to hear from more customers and increase the number of post purchase survey completions.

They asked their dedicated account manager for advice at one of the weekly video check-in meetings RedEye clients benefit from.

Magnet Ludlow Kitchen

A new approach - Email and SMS working together

RedEye proposed going cross-channel with the post purchase and quote journeys by introducing SMS as an additional touchpoint to work in tandem with the email campaign.


Adding SMS to Magnet Trade’s marketing was a quick process as SMS is built into the platform as standard with no need to integrate with a third-party. A benefit immediately enjoyed by Magnet Trade is that the campaign workflow canvas works seamlessly with many channels.

“On our post purchase workflow, the email and SMS campaigns can be connected to each other either by a time delay or rules based on a customer’s activity. It’s very intuitive to use and I can personalise the SMS content with customer data from our SCV.”

Esme McQue, Email/CRM Marketing Executive, Magnet Trade

Magnet Mindful Kitchen

SMS plays a significant role in increasing response rate conversion

During the trial implementation, the immediate introduction of SMS initially doubled the responses received. After a few weeks it settled at an incredible 33% increase in response rate conversion.


The increased number of post purchase and quote survey responses is playing a vital role. The new customer insights gained are pivotal in directing and shaping Magnet Trade’s approach to offering the very best customer experience to its trade account holders.


The benefits of SMS are clear. The results of using email and SMS together in the same campaign journey are evident. SMS is a fantastic channel to add to your marketing automation journeys!


With an average open rate of 98%1 and a read rate of 42%2, SMS offers an immediacy that only push messaging can come close to matching.


Recipients open SMS messages, on average, within 3 minutes3 of receipt making it the perfect channel for transactional messages, abandonment reminders, service messages and time-limited promotions.


In the case of Magnet Trade, being able to send SMS messages to builders and joiners who are on-site and don’t access email often has proven to be a perfect channel for their automation journeys.

Magnet Wardly Kitchen

“We’re delighted with the increase in conversion on our post purchase and post quote journey with the addition of SMS. RedEye identified the gap in our customer journey and made the recommendation.


It was far easier than I’d imagined to implement. I’m now looking forward to using SMS more often in our automated campaigns.”


Esme McQue,
Email/CRM Marketing Executive, Magnet Trade


email conversion rate


in conversion rate using email & SMS


average read rate

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