England Lacrosse Case Study

England Lacrosse chooses RedEye to transform member engagement and commercial value

England Lacrosse Men's Team Match

At a glance

• England Lacrosse were given the challenge by Sport England to maximise their commercial value


• A single customer view of their membership data was the foundation for searching for a new partner


• A strong desire to offer member-based personalised messages and an increase in campaign output


• Choosing RedEye as their marketing automation partner due to the synergies in culture

Introducing England Lacrosse

England Lacrosse is the national governing body for lacrosse in England. The sport is managed through the Men’s and Women’s Playing Committees.


In 1996, under the guidance of Sport England, the ELU and All England Women’s Lacrosse Association joined together to form one national governing body, the English Lacrosse Association (ELA). The current constitution of the ELA came into effect in 1997


In the ever-evolving landscape of National Governing Bodies (NGBs) in sports, the need for a more commercial mindset has become imperative. England Lacrosse, faced this challenge head-on, driven by Sport England’s directive to maximise commercial potential.

England Lacrosse Women's Team Match

Maximise commercial potential through marketing automation technology

Fuelled by a desire to extract more value from their marketing and membership services, England Lacrosse embarked on a journey to leverage marketing automation technology to achieve optimal results.


The catalyst for change was not just the commercial nudge; it was a realisation that their data, marketing platforms, and communication strategies needed a substantial upgrade to meet the needs of their membership by offering tailored and personalised campaign content.

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Challenges faced by England Lacrosse

Limited value from membership data

England Lacrosse recognised the untapped potential within their membership data. However, the existing technology was serving primarily as England Lacrosse’s CRM tool rather than a comprehensive Customer Data and Marketing Automation platform that could deliver personalised multichannel campaigns with ease.


Data silos and lack of integration

Data silos were a major impediment, preventing a unified view of their members. This fragmentation hindered England Lacrosse’s ability to extract commercial value from its members. A single customer view, bringing disparate data sources together, was essential.


Communication gaps

Inefficient communication with members posed a significant challenge. The current approach lacked personalisation, limiting the effectiveness of their messages and missing opportunities for engagement. This also had a knock-on effect with missed opportunities to gain commercial value from partners/sponsors.

Finding a supplier that offers more – a cultural fit and a partnership approach

In their quest for a UK-based Customer Data Platform (CDP) and Marketing Automation Platform (MAP), England Lacrosse discovered RedEye as the perfect partner. RedEye’s recognition of GDPR compliance and suitability for small businesses aligned seamlessly with England Lacrosse’s requirements.


RedEye and England Lacrosse form an ideal partnership as both entities place significant emphasis on people and relationships.


England Lacrosse’s commitment to fostering strong connections with its members aligns effortlessly with RedEye’s philosophy of personalised service. The human touch is a shared value, evident in both organisations’ dedication to maintaining strong relationships.

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Impactful changes that England Lacrosse will now deliver

Unlocking the commercial value of membership data

RedEye facilitated a comprehensive understanding of England Lacrosse’s membership data and how to unite their various data silos into a Single Customer View (SCV), unlocking its commercial potential.

Personalised communications

The RedEye platform will empower England Lacrosse to send highly personalised communications, fostering deeper engagement with their members. This will both improve member satisfaction and open avenues for targeted marketing and sponsorship.

Streamlining communication processes

RedEye’s platform will significantly improve the efficiency and increase the campaign output for the England Lacrosse’s marketing team thanks to the ease of use of RedEye’s email builder and automated workflows.

England Lacrosse Women's Team Celebrate

“Here at England Lacrosse, we have highlighted our forward-thinking approach and willingness to break away from tradition. ”
“This is not just about overcoming challenges but about setting a precedent for all sporting NGBs nationwide, encouraging them to follow suit and embark on their own journey of digital innovation with confidence.”
“Confidence we have gained from choosing a partner as helpful and knowledgeable as RedEye.”

Caroline Royle, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, England Lacrosse

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