Compliance & Accreditations

Accreditations, Compliance & Corporate Memberships

At RedEye we take quality, security, and corporate social responsibility seriously. This is reflected in our various accreditations, ISO compliance, and involvement in key industry associations.
Our focus on governance, security and continual improvement shines through in our well-established Information Security Management (ISO 27001) and Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001).
Our commitment to the environment and our people is part of our culture, and this is backed up with our UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now pledge, maintaining our commitment to Net Zero emissions, and our ongoing partnership with the ILM to develop our people as an ILM Approved Centre.
Please find below a full list of our accreditations, certifications, and corporate memberships. Our ISO management systems and PAS 2060 certification are audited for compliance annually by an external party.


Security & Privacy


ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 is a well-recognised ISO standard defining the requirements of an information security management system that enables organisations to manage the security of their information assets, such as data, records, and financial information.


GDPR Compliant (ISO 27710)

In addition to the above standard, we have assessed our systems and services to ensure GDPR compliance. We have done this by planning and assessing our Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) to ISO 27701. Allowing us to support brands across the UK and EU to deliver marketing campaigns of the highest quality.




ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 defines the requirements of a quality management system. Certification demonstrates an organisations commitment to managing quality via the continual review and improvement of systems and processes, to mitigate risks and realise opportunities.
Our Quality Policy Statement




Climate Initiatives

The UK government has set a target for all businesses to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. RedEye recognise the importance of this target although feel, along with many other environmentally conscious businesses, that it could be more ambitious.
RedEye subsequently joined the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now, SME Climate Commitment and Tech Zero initiatives, setting a loftier goal of Net Zero by 2030. RedEye are already on track, achieving certified carbon neutrality in 2023 for all emissions since our baseline period of 2020, verified via PAS 2060 certification with the Centre for Assessment.


PAS 2060 Certification

PAS 2060 is a framework developed to help businesses measure, reduce, and offset their impact on our climate, verified via a rigorous third-party auditing process. By achieving certification, this demonstrates RedEye’s commitment to climate neutrality now, and into the future.
A key requirement of PAS 2060 certification is public transparency of a company’s greenhouse gas inventories and qualifying emissions. This information is readily available on our website through our Qualifying Emissions Statement.
2023 PAS 2060 Qualifying Emissions Statement


UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now Pledge

The Climate Neutral Now Initiative is one of several initiatives launched by the UNFCCC to increase climate action. RedEye pledged in 2021 our commitment to measure, reduce, contribute, and report our emissions annually, with a goal to reach net zero by 2030.
Unfortunately this initiative is being wound down in 2024 in favour of the well established SME Climate Hub and Commitment below.
Read more about the initiative on the UNFCCC website.
RedEye have since achieved a gold level in all three pillars (measure, reduce, and report) following PAS 2060 certification.
Our current UNFCCC annual report is visible on the UNFCCC participants page.


Climate Neutral Now Gold

SME Climate Commitment

RedEye have similarly pledged to act to reach net zero by 2030 via the SME Climate Hub.
See the SME Climate Hub participants page.


SME Climate Hub

Tech Zero

RedEye are also a signatory of the Tech Zero initiative, a group of tech companies committed to fighting the climate crisis. If you are a tech company with similar goals we encourage you to join the fight!
See the Tech Zero signatories page for more information.


Environmental Policy

Alongside the above initiatives we are developing our Environmental Management System in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. For more information read our Environmental Management Policy Statement.
Our Environmental Management Policy Statement




We really are big believers in developing people to become the talents we know they can be. As an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) accredited centre, we can deliver internal programmes for managers, aspiring managers and specialists which offer individuals the chance to gain an ILM qualification, for whichever career path they choose.
The people of RedEye


Sender Certification


The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) is a service from eco – Association of the Internet Industry. With more than 1000 members, eco is the largest Internet industry association in Europe.
The CSA acts as a neutral interface between mailbox providers and senders of commercial emails. RedEye are Certified by the CSA after undergoing a rigorous acceptance process and being monitored for quality and compliance on an ongoing basis.
As a certified sender, the IP addresses of RedEye clients, are given preferential treatment by participating mailbox providers globally, including Outlook, AOL and Yahoo.


DMA Membership


With over 1,000 corporate Members, The DMA (Data & Marketing Association) are Europe’s largest community of data-driven marketers.
The DMA have set out customer first principles in the DMA Code, the DMA promote innovation in technology, diverse talent, creativity, research and insight and sets standards for the UK’s data and marketing community to meet in order to thrive.
RedEye have been a member and active contributor to the DMA for over 20 years, helping to develop best practice advice and shape policy in the association.
Currently RedEye chair both the Governance Committee (guardians of the DMA code) and the AI Taskforce and are a contributor to the email Council.

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