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Take full control your customer data

Without effectively segmentating your customer database you’ll never be able deliver targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our drag-and-drop segment builder is powerful, yet easy to use.

Segments powering all types of marketing automations such as Birthday offers

Use and combine all your data sources to create the most powerful customer segments ever

Underpin your customer engagement strategy with expert segmentation from both online and offline data sources. Why?
Well, how you communicate with your most profitable customers should differ significantly from how you communicate with prospects.
Customer segmentation underpins all great email campaigns.

Our segment builder is easy to use but very powerful. You can create complex selections

A powerful and flexible segment builder

Our intuitive drag-and-drop segmentation builder makes is easy for you to build complex segmentation rules.
Use And/Or operators to narrow down or increase your audience selection. You can group these together to create amazingly flexbile queries from a single segment.
No longer will you have to create lots of individual segments.

Drive increased engagement

Build strategic customer segments based on all of your data, not just demographic, from personalised 1-2-1 communications triggered by behavioural data, to strategic segments underpinning long term customer marketing strategies.

Build customer segments instantly

React quickly to changing circumstances allowing you to build segments for immediate one-off campaigns. A surplus of blue trousers in the warehouse? Build a segment of individuals who have browsed blue trousers in the last two weeks and send an email with an offer!

Use smart dynamic segmentation

Ensure your segments update constantly as customer behaviour changes. As a prospect moves through the purchase funnel, they would immediately move into another marketing automation lifecycle designed to optimise their newly attained status.

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Email revenue up by 72% compared against previous automation provider

“Since moving over to RedEye they have exceeded our expectations with the level of strategic support and ideas they have provided to help grow Fragrance Direct, in comparison to our previous supplier. All of which has helped us see an impressive increase in performance with email revenue up by 72% when compared to what we achieved with our previous supplier.”

Danielle Hardie, Marketing Executive, Fragrance Direct

RedEye have helped us plan and execute email optimisation and testing strategies

“RedEye has supported HomeServe over the past 9 years providing an excellent service, with care, collaboration and expertise. Our long term relationship has contributed to ensuring we enhance the opportunities for our email marketing automation campaigns.”

Head of Marketing Productions, HomeServe

Predicting churn to makeover allbeauty’s customer retention strategy

“Since applying the predictive churn model onto our customer database, we have been overwhelmed with the success in not only dramatically reducing customer churn but also increasing sales from those who would have previously lapsed by 414.6%.”

CRM Manager, allbeauty

Explore more capabilities

Single Customer View

Actionable customer data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Intelligent campaign, customer and predictive analytics

Understand, query and action newly uncovered trends and drive your customers through each stage of the lifecycle for maximum returns.

Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns across multiple channels – all from one screen.

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