AI Driven Marketing Automation

Using RedEye’s Multi-Channel Marketing Hub, B2C brands increase their income by an average of 38% in only their first year with our unique mix of data, people and technology.

RedEye's Marketing Automation Hub

Understand more about RedEye's Marketing Automation Hub, what we mean by 'AI driven marketing', and how we can increase your revenue.

AI driven marketing, and how we can increase your revenue

We succeed when our clients do

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Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Targeted at each stage of the Customer Lifecycle the Predictive Modeller in our Multi-Channel Marketing Hub gives marketers critical information to increase conversions and drive up customer lifetime value. Our client Travis Perkins talks through their Predictive journey.

AI driven marketing, and how we can increase your revenue

Great people to help you succeed

We know resource lean marketing departments see their greatest successes when they can rely on brilliant people. From on-boarding to ongoing training and actionable strategic insights, our people support you every step of the way.

This is your data

You should have access to it. We help you to visualise, draw insights and implement strategies from your data to drive your multi-channel marketing forward.

Move the conversation

We believe in continual innovation through listening to our clients and marketers across every industry. You can read our latest reports here.