Elegant Resorts Case Study

Elegant Resorts went from limited marketing automation to a personalised, data-driven platform in just six weeks!

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Key takeaways


Dedicated support

Multiple teams across RedEye enabled Elegant Resorts to have bespoke marketing strategies implemented in just six weeks.

Single customer view

Enabled personalised communications across the customer journey.

Long-term successes

Delivered a sophisticated, data-led solution, which was personalised to help with both short and long-term business objectives.

A unique business model requires a bespoke marketing engine

Elegant Resorts offers bespoke, personalised travel experiences that take customers to some of the best destinations around the world.


The luxury tour operator wanted to bring the same level of personalisation and care it puts into its travel packages through to its marketing too.


With a small team of experts on board, they needed a way to hit the ground running with a new marketing platform that offered a single customer view – without tying up internal resources.


Elegant Resorts turned to RedEye. By working with our onboarding and strategy services teams, the luxury tour operator has automated previously manual campaigns and brought the personal touch to its communications in just six weeks – all while ensuring minimal disruption to marketing activities.

Elegant Resorts wanted to bring the same level of personalisation and care it puts into its travel packages through to its marketing too.

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A smooth, efficient onboarding experience...

With its focus on personalisation, a one-size-fits-all approach simply wouldn’t have been appropriate for Elegant Resorts.


So, when the tour operator approached RedEye, our first job was to get under the skin of Elegant Resorts’ unique data structures, customer journeys and marketing objectives.

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From there, we helped the team scope and bring together all their data to create their single customer view

Finally, we held a strategy session to create a maturity model for existing, new and future campaigns and ensured the Elegant Resorts team had everything they needed to meet its short and long-term marketing objectives.

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“I am impressed with every staff member I have dealt with at RedEye. It was clear that there was a commitment to help us as much as possible and as quickly as possible. I feel we have made a great choice in our email marketing partner.”


David Barlow – Senior Systems Analyst & Software Developer
Elegant Resorts

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Integrating with quote and booking systems

By embedding ourselves deeply in Elegant Resorts’ business and long-term objectives, we were able to ensure its new data platform would deliver the best results – fast


This included integrating with existing internal quote and booking systems as well as migrating existing API driven communications to ensure a smooth deployment.


Elegant Resorts can now utilise all client bookings, onsite browse behaviour and campaign engagement, giving them full visibility of the whole booker lifecycle.


Now in a position to segment across all person booking and browser behaviour

The luxury tour operator can also automate and personalise its communications with clients and easily segment against all person, booking and browse behaviour data to enhance the client experience through highly targeted and personalised multi-channel campaigns… something which wasn’t possible with their previous solution.

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We quickly migrated and appended historical transaction data too!

The ability to migrate and append historical transaction data to each client record also means that Elegant Resorts are able to segment, personalise content and make recommendations based on their booking history – helping extend its personal touch throughout all their marketing communications.

All achieved in just six weeks!

Most importantly, the entire migration took just six weeks, with minimal disruption to ongoing marketing activities.


It all adds up to a platform that’s delivered immediate results, including:


  • Greater email engagement
  • Improved customer retention
  • Higher conversion rates across the quote to book journey

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