Uncover unique insights and build new opportunities from your customer behaviour

Thoroughly understand your campaign performance and customer behaviour through advanced reporting and predictive analytics, so you can make intelligent decisions on your marketing automation strategies.

Track growth over time

Understand the customers powering your brand

Track and analyse any segment to gain greater insight into their value, engagement and buying behaviour.

Take action on key metrics

Learn, adapt and improve your campaign performance

Instantly see the metrics that matter to your campaigns success and take action to improve performance.

Predict customer behaviour

Predict customer behaviour to inform new campaigns

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the customer lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Predict true individual behaviour

Our predictive models use powerful machine learning algorithms to predict future individual customer behaviour. Proactively acquire, grow and retain customers at scale, maximising revenue and customer lifetime value.

First to Second Purchase

Prospect conversion

Know which prospects are likely to make their first purchase and grow your customer base.


First to second purchase

Achieve more repeat purchases by predicting which customers will purchase from you again.


Likely to become VIP

Increase loyalty by uncovering who will become your next most valuable customer.


Predicted churn

Re-engage customers with key campaigns before they turn to a competitor.

Unsubscribe Model

Predicted unsubscribe

Act before your customers opt out and you lose the value of that customer forever.

Email Frequency

Frequency optimisation

Learn the optimum frequency of campaigns for your customers to avoid over mailing.

Easily discover new trends in your customer behaviour through intelligent reporting

Remove the guess work from your marketing automation strategies and uncover new insights and opportunities you never new existed. From any report you can drill down to ask any question of your data. Quickly combine, filter or pivot to create your own visualisation and custom dashboards.

Campaign dashboards

Analyse which campaigns are driving the most revenue and engagement

Gain a complete view of the performance and deliverability of your campaigns in fully customisable dashboards. Easily view and analyse campaign engagement, revenue, deliverability and volume within minutes not hours.

Data-based decisions from reporting

Track which customers and segments are driving the most value and loyalty

Deepen your understanding of individual customers and segment behaviour by monitoring their value, site engagement and buying behaviour to inform new campaigns or untapped segments to target and drive up your customer lifetime value.

Deep dive into your data and create powerful dynamic customer segmentation

Powerful customer segmentation

Our intuitive drag and drop segmentation builder gives you full control of all your data

Combine multiple data points into dynamically updating segments based on customer behaviour, buying patterns or stage within the lifecycle. Overlay and blend predictive models into your segment creation for the most advanced level of targeting.


Dynamically updating segments saves you time managing your customer lifecycle journeys and ensures your segments and targeting reflect a truer picture of your customers’ behaviours.

What our clients say

Couple watching Sky TV

Quick pace needed for Sky's Abandoned Basket programmes

“I really enjoy working with RedEye on Sky’s Abandoned Basket programme. RedEye strive to push the programme forward, always coming up with new initiatives to try. They are also very accommodating to Sky’s quick pace which is essential. I hope we work together for many more years to come.”

Victoria O'Brien, Digital Product Owner Manager

Predicting churn to makeover allbeauty’s customer retention strategy

“Since applying the predictive churn model onto our customer database, we have been overwhelmed with the success in not only dramatically reducing customer churn but also increasing sales from those who would have previously lapsed by 414.6%.”

CRM Manager, allbeauty

Travis Perkins used AI and predictive analytics to reduce customer churn by 54%

“We worked with RedEye to implement their Predictive Modeller to help us identify our customers who were most likely to leave. The Churn Model gave us the opportunity to act before it was too late. We saw an 8.8% increase in retention.”

Vicki Nolan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Travis Perkins

Explore more capabilities designed to grow revenue and strengthen customer loyalty

Marketing Automation

Fully integrated multi-channel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns. Harness the power of cross-channel communications all from one screen.


Enthusiastic marketing automation specialists

Advice and support from dedicated customer success teams helping you reach your goals and produce great customer experiences.

Single Customer View

Create your unique single customer view

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Start driving more intelligent marketing automation today

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