Email Marketing For Higher Education


A generic campus prospectus no longer cuts it. Connect with prospective students on a personal level

RedEye’s marketing automation platform unlocks your student recruitment potential by revolutionising your student experiences. Deliver personalised messages tailored to your prospective students’ needs and desires. Maximise your admissions this academic year!

Higher Education marketing automation

Identify students' academic interests and extracurricular activities

Segment on interests and recruitment stage

Create personalised campaigns by highlighting the academic and extracurricular activities students are interested in and how your campus can meet their needs.

Segment on demographics

Deliver key messages to convert a prospective student into an enrolled student by segmenting on demographics such as; flexible classes, financial aid, support with childcare or institutional value alignment.

Create amazing emails that increase your admission numbers

Captivate prospective students from start to finish

Go beyond walls of text

Student-orientated email marketing is people focussed and engaging. Real-life student experiences convert prospective students. Our Email Builder facilitates this with easy embedding of video reels on top of being able to select from a range of beautifully crafted mobile-friendly templates.

Showcase the value of your institution

Use social proof to prove your authenticity. Embed student stories, students’ social media posts and success stories from alumni within your email creatives. All easily achievable with our Email Builder tool.

Marketing automation for Higher Education

Use automation to achieve a student-centric marketing strategy

Nurture prospective students with a personalised journey

Create marketing campaigns that automatically send personalised content based on a prospective student’s interests and behavioural interactions on your website.

Create workflows for any scenario

Whatever your target is, a workflow is the answer; like increasing enrolment numbers, improving engagement, or heavily promoting specific academic programs which are under-subscribed.

See our platform in action

Take a video tour of RedEye

See how RedEye releases the potential of your customer data to create personalised multi-channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle.


In under 3 minutes you’ll discover:

  • How quick it is to create customer segments for use in campaigns
  • The simplicity in building dynamic personalised email creatives
  • The joy of creating multi-channel campaigns from a single workflow
  • How AI-driven predictive models will transform your customer lifecycle marketing


Higher education marketing and admissions

Co-ordinate and collaborate with the admissions team

Everything taken care of in one place

It can be tricky to co-ordinate between departments when using separate systems. So don’t! Use one platform between marketing and admissions to handle the admissions process, student orientation, and ensure timely communication that keeps your institution top-of-mind.

Cross department data sharing

Our Student Data Platform is flexible and powerful to facilitate a complete student record with many data collection points, allowing different teams, with different targets to create multiple student journeys instead of competing with each other.

Students attending a university open day

Effective event promotion and management proven to increase engagement

Targeted event promotion

Promote campus events, open days, and other activities with targeted campaigns aimed at the right segments, whether they’re prospective students or alumni.

Event engagement

Use automation to send reminders, updates, and post-event follow-ups, enhancing participation and engagement with university events.

Send targeted emails and SMS to your alumni

Reach, engage and convert alumni into donors

Keep your alumni engaged and interested

Alumni relations made simple. Segment alumni by graduation year, field of study, location to tailor communications about local gatherings, networking opportunities, and fundraising campaigns.

Fundraising appeals that connect and convert

Tailor fundraising messages to reflect alumni experiences. Create separate workflows for alumni who have yet to donate, those that have shown interest in the past, and for your VIP alumni who are long time donors.

Email marketing to Higher Eductation and Schools

Use a provider where all your student data stays in the United Kingdom

Ultimate data protection

RedEye is a UK company with over 25 years in the industry. We make sure all student data stays in the UK so you can gain trust. It’s our extra commitment to data privacy and security above and beyond the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.

Trust and reputation

Keeping student data within the UK offers numerous advantages in terms of legal compliance, data protection, security, and trust. Make sure you know exactly where your student data is stored and sent to.

Does your marketing make the grade?

RedEye empowers the higher education sector to succeed in delivering the data-driven marketing strategies you need to increase student admissions and convert more alumni into long-term donors.
By leveraging RedEye’s capabilities, you will create more personalised and engaging experiences, optimise your marketing efforts, and improve your operational decisions.


Get in touch

One of our friendly experts will find out a little more about your student recruitment challenges and give you a tour of our platform.

Explore our full capabilities

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Explore more capabilities

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns across multiple channels – all from one screen.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.

Easy drag and drop Email Builder

Email, SMS, web push, retargeting

Reduce your time, tech stack and license fees by moving to a platform that can offer you all the channels you need.

Single Customer View

Actionable customer data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.


Powerful integrations

Our integrations make it simple to manage your bespoke single customer view with feeds from your data warehouses, CRM’s, CMS & more.

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