Email Marketing For Nonprofit & Charities


Struggling with falling donor numbers? It's time to build a deeper connection with your supporters

Donations are taking a big hit due to the cost-of-living crisis. It’s time to scale back donation appeals and ramp up compelling story telling that builds a community and evokes an emotional response, which in turn will increase donations. All possible through email marketing automation.

Combine all your donor data from all your existing systems into one

Build a complete picture from all your systems

Integrate all your systems

It’s difficult to get to know your donors and supporters when their data is spread throughout different systems, such as CRMs, online gift shops, event platforms, petition software and donor management systems. At RedEye, we combine all this disparate data in one place, against one record – which is fully actionable in campaigns and fundraising.

Find out what makes your donors tick

Once you have the complete picture of your donors, you’ll be able to find out what makes them tick, and send them on personalised journeys that tell stories that align most with their core values and beliefs.

Donor profle and segmentation builder

Personalisation starts with effective donor segmentation

Segment on how active a donor is

Create personalised campaigns by identifying your most active supporters and tailor communications to increase engagement and participation amongst less active supporters.

Segment on adapting donor needs

Deliver key messages based on what a supporter has identified as mattering most to them. Tell a compelling story across numerous campaigns, provide updates on the impact of their previous donations, and show gratitude.

Children's charity email highlighting the difference made by donation

Captivate donors, supporters, and the wider community

Go beyond walls of text

Nonprofit and charity email marketing is people focussed above all else. Showing your impact is proven to encourage more donations as supporters can see how they can directly change someone’s life. Our Email Builder facilitates this with easy embedding of video reels on top of dynamic, personalised content.

Showcase your value via social proof

Crafting content tailored to the preferences of the younger generation requires the use of social proof to prove your authenticity. Embed stories, social media posts and success stories within your email creatives. All easily achievable with our Email Builder tool.

Marketing automation for charities and nonprofits

Use multichannel automation to create a supporter bond

Nurture your supporters

Go beyond just sending donor and fundraising appeal campaigns and expand into the world of marketing automation. Build relationships by automatically sending personalised content based on behavioural interactions on your website or segments they fall into.

Create workflows for any scenario

Whatever your communication is, a workflow is the answer to save you time and resource; like raising awareness, supporting fundraising, showcasing your service, event reminders, donor gratitude and many more. Communications can be sent via Email, SMS and Push.

See our platform in action

Take a video tour of RedEye

See how RedEye releases the potential of your donor data to create personalised multichannel campaigns across the customer lifecycle.


In under 3 minutes you’ll discover:

  • How quick it is to create supporter segments for use in campaigns
  • The simplicity in building dynamic personalised email creatives
  • The joy of creating multichannel campaigns from a single workflow
  • How AI-driven predictive models will transform your donor marketing communications


Let automation take care of your workload

Save time, effort and resources. Let automation take care of journeys

It’s personal to them, you need personalisation as a response

Donors give to your cause out of an emotional response. Creating journeys based on preferences is a great way to achieve this. Use a preference centre which collects the data you need for compelling story-telling. It saves them time, and it saves you time!

Giving you hours back to refocus your energy on other tasks

Set it up once and it’s done for everyone, forever more! You can automate welcome emails, event invitations, newsletters, donation appeals, thank you emails, and retention emails. Save hours of time and never do this task manually again.

Volunteering in the community

Also ideal for volunteer recruitment and retention

Volunteer recruitment drives

Our platform is flexible. You can use it for both external donor communication and internal volunteer communications. Run targeted campaigns aimed at recruiting volunteers, using data to identify individuals who are most likely to be interested.

Reduce volunteering dropout rates

By analysing volunteer engagement data, you can develop data-driven communication plans to keep volunteers motivated and engaged, reducing turnover and building a loyal base of activists. Send regular internal newsletters to all your volunteers and staff.

Reporting and threshold alerts for donations

A reporting suite that will analyse and give insights on all your donor data

Data-driven decision making

With us you get actionable insights through comprehensive reporting, not just on campaigns but on all the data you import into the platform! Our powerful reporting suite enables you to make data-driven marketing decisions from insights you’d never think of coming up with yourself.

Real-time campaign reporting

Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns in real-time, allowing for quick adjustments to improve reach, engagement, and donations.

Donation of £10 made by SMS message

Use a provider where all your donor data stays in the United Kingdom

Ultimate data protection

RedEye is a UK company with over 25 years in the industry. We make sure all donor data stays in the UK so you can gain trust. It’s our extra commitment to data privacy and security above and beyond the Data Protection Act 2018 and UK GDPR.

Trust and reputation

Keeping donor data within the UK offers numerous advantages in terms of legal compliance, data protection, security, and trust. Make sure you know exactly where your donor and volunteer data is stored and sent to.

Does your marketing invoke an emotional response?

RedEye empowers nonprofits and charities to succeed in delivering the data-driven marketing strategies you need to increase the donation numbers and convert more activists into long-term volunteers.
By leveraging RedEye’s capabilities, you will create more personalised and engaging experiences, optimise your marketing efforts, and improve your operational decisions.


Get in touch

One of our friendly experts will find out a little more about your donor and volunteering challenges and give you a tour of our platform.

Explore our full capabilities

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Explore more capabilities

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns across multiple channels – all from one screen.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.

Easy drag and drop Email Builder

Email, SMS, web push, retargeting

Reduce your time, tech stack and license fees by moving to a platform that can offer you all the channels you need.

Single Customer View

Actionable donor data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your donor data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.


Powerful integrations

Our integrations make it simple to manage your bespoke single customer view with feeds from your data warehouses, CRM’s, CMS & more.

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