Plans and Pricing

Whether you’re a high growth SME or an established household name operating at scale, our packages are built to suit your requirements and budget!

We know that every business is at a different stage of growth with different business challenges to solve. RedEye works with brands from £5 million to £500 million turnover. Our superb packages give levels of support, as well as different depth of platform functionality to meet your needs.

Our packages

Marketing Automation


Starting from £1,000 a month.
Monthly contracts available.


Perfect for businesses who use ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and want a simple plug and play package to drive their marketing automation.
Moving to RedEye will give you greater access to even more of your customer data to use in powerful segmentation and detailed personalisation.
This package is ideal for those marketers who don’t require any ongoing support right now and want to take their multi-channel automation to the next level, managing all their own campaign creation and delivery.

Single Customer View


Starting from £1,500 a month.
Monthly contracts available.


This package is ideal for those businesses who use an ecommerce platform such as Shopify and have marketing teams who would like a level of expertise and platform support to drive their marketing further.
On top of the deeper level of data available for segmentation and personalisation, businesses can take advantage of interactive email content and access two of our AI driven predictive models to drive specific customer behaviours.
You’ll also get our powerful Reporting and Insights suite, surfacing business insights via natural language querying.



Speak to us for solutions tailored to your needs.


Our Advanced package provides ultimate flexibility for those businesses who have over 150,000 marketing contacts and require a more tailored package to suit their requirements.
Refine the accuracy of your campaigns with advanced AI driven reporting and access to more AI predictive models to drive more profitable customer behaviours.
On top of this we’ll create a bespoke service package to ensure you get strategic campaign support to enable your business to get to its next stage of growth.

These packages can be tailored to your requirements based on:

  • Database size – Scalable ‘pay as you grow’ pricing that increases at a reasonable rate in line with your database growth.

  • Marketing channels – On top of email, you can access all channels but only pay when you need to use SMS, Push and Direct Mail. We’re adding more channels all the time!

  • Integrations – A variety of common integrations such as Shopify, Dealerweb, Trustpilot and LoylatyLion are all available as standard, only pay for specific custom integrations.

  • AI predictive models – Whatever your business challenge, we have a predictive model that can help and can easily be added to your package.

  • Consultative support – Pick and choose how much support you require and we’ll help you create a unique marketing automation strategy.

  • Managed Services – Our talented team of email coders and designers are on hand to help you with any additional campaign creation support you may need to get your campaigns live.


Sound good?

Simply get in touch with us below, let us know which package you are interested in and we’ll book in a scoping call to create you a fully personalised quote based on your requirements. Want more freedom than a form can offer? You can send us your requirements for a pricing quote via email:

Award winning marketing automation technology

RedEye is recognised by G2 with numerous awards over the years including the Easiest To Do Business With award.

G2 High Perfomer - Summer
G2 High Perfomer - Spring
G2 High Perfomer - Winter
G2 Easiest to do business with
G2 Users love us

Rated by retailers, travel and insurers

G2 5 star reviews

Great platform, easy to use and RedEye are always there to support us

“The team at RedEye are really friendly and are always there to support you if you have any questions. This is key when trying to set up campaigns as there is no waiting around. The platform itself is really easy to use and allows us to create campaigns for lots of different brands.”

User in Insurance, Small Business
G2 5 star reviews

Great product, fantastic customer service

“Redeye has enabled us to move our email strategy on to the next level. The system is rock solid and designed by UX professionals to provide an inuitive and user friendly interface. Template creation is made easy using drag and drop to provide emails that are target device independent.”

Karl P. User in Mid-Market
G2 5 star review

Friendly, knowledgeable team that go above and beyond

“The RedEye team are supportive, the email campaigns look professional, modern and clean. Our CT rate, open rate and engagement have increased since using RedEye. Excited to continue to grow our engaged subscribers.”

User in Hospital & Health Care
G2 5 star reviews

Easy to use, track and monitor results

“The platform is simple to navigate, segments and schedules can be easily set up and reported on to see performance of individual mailers, both in the campaigns and within intelligence suite.”

User in Marketing and Advertising
G2 5 star review

Personable with a 'no problem is too big' approach

“They cannot solve all of your problems yet they know how to LISTEN. Straight from implementation to live and each month, they continually allow you to deliver your KPIs and mine your database to yield the right message to the right customer.”

Nick P, Senior Marketing Manager, Retail

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