Hayloft case study

Sowing the seeds of success for personalised interactions at scale

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Key takeaways

• Choosing a marketing automation provider that grows alongside your business


• Using automated behavioural campaigns to secure revenue that would have otherwise been lost


• Achieving 305% ROI within the first year


• A solution that is equal in its technology and account management support

Introducing Hayloft

Hayloft were founded from an old oak kitchen table back in 1993 and started out taking orders, hand-picking plants and carefully packaging products.
Today, Hayloft is a successful mail order company offering its customers rare, unusual and an exciting range of perennials, annuals and shrubs.

Acorns growing on an oak tree

The mighty oak was once an acorn

As keen gardeners are all too aware, to achieve long-lasting growth first the roots must be strong and stable. Hayloft were experiencing rapid growth primarily driven via customer online purchases.


With no behavioural or trigger automated campaigns in place Hayloft knew they were missing opportunities and needed to invest in their roots.


With little experience in the field of marketing automation Hayloft sought not only a software solution but a team of specialists who would work in partnership with their business and marketing team.

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The perfect fit for an SME looking to deliver great customer experiences

RedEye offered the perfect fit in both technology and support. The ease of use of the email builder tool, campaign journey workflows and segmentation builder was a step up from their existing ESP.


However, it was the people, expert consultation, and RedEye’s approach to creating a real collaborative relationship that stood out.


We created a bespoke plan for Hayloft’s marketing automation journey starting with customer lifecycle journey mapping.


Workshops to identify the most common customer touchpoints which would benefit from behavioural campaigns and follow up meetings to assess new opportunities to maximise sales were conducted and implemented.

Seedlings growing in pots

Delivering personalisation through a suite of behavioural automated emails

A smooth onboarding process to migrate Hayloft from their existing ESP into RedEye enabled the Hayloft team to start sending promotional campaigns quickly.


At the same time RedEye were busy in the background creating the customer journeys for Hayloft’s first ever behavioural campaigns.


Using years of email marketing experience, the RedEye team setup tried, tested and proven workflows for:

  • Welcome journey
  • Abandoned Basket
  • Shopper Survey

Coming into bloom – an ROI of 305%

By using the experts instead of going it alone with a SaaS product, Hayloft’s early results have been immediate and impressive. Return on Investment stands at an incredible 305%.
The behavioural email workflows have contributed 6.3% towards total revenue which may have been otherwise been lost. Engagement levels of the behavioural triggers is impressive:

  • A unique open rate of 59.41%
  • Unique click rate of 27.68%
  • Last click conversion rate of 7.66%

Man repotting plants

Using a platform that grows with you

With roots taken hold, Hayloft are now looking to the future in their marketing automation journey. With RedEye’s guidance and support through regular workshops, the next suite of behavioural journeys is in the pipeline.


As Hayloft begin to collect more customer data and interactions, the more personalised and sophisticated their messaging will become.


Utilising advanced marketing automation products such as AI predictive analytics and customer intelligence dashboards will put Hayloft ahead of the game when the time comes.


Instead of moving from one ESP to another with slightly more automation capabilities, Hayloft have a solution that is tailored exactly to their current needs but will scale as they grow, just like how a gardener repots their favourite plant into a larger container once it outgrows its current home.

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“With the speed of digital transformation in the last couple of years we knew that Hayloft needed to offer our customers a more personalised experience based on their interactions online.


We knew marketing automation was the answer, but we didn’t have the expertise inhouse to start it from scratch ourselves. We chose RedEye as our partner as their team became our team enabling us to grow at a faster pace.”


James Edmonds, Managing Director

Impressive levels of engagement


unique open rate


unique click rate


last click conversion rate

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