All your favourite channels in one place

Streamline your marketing efforts by building, managing and optimising your campaigns not only from one platform but from one screen! Reduce your time, tech stack and license fees by moving to a platform that can offer it all.

Channels all accessible from one screen

Access to all your marketing channels in one place

Deliver seamless multichannel experiences from our powerful journey builder that can be used for boh tactical sends and automations.

Customer behaviour via engagement triggers

Deliver a consistant brand experience across channels

From email to social media to SMS, you’ll be able to present a unified message that reinforces your brand values and fosters customer trust.

Productive marketing automation

Create campaigns faster, smarter and cheaper

One screen for all means less training time, fewer costs, and more time directed towards enhancing your multichannel campaigns.

Right channel, right message, right time

You’ll be able to create stunning personalised customer experiences across multiple marketing channels with our campaign management tool to reach your customers with the right message, at the right time. This is where data and channels meet.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Create customised, dynamic and personalised emails with or without the ability to code with our flexible editor and design options.


SMS marketing

Built in SMS functionality to send automated responses, complement your email campaigns and boost customer interactions.

Web Push

Web push notifications

Capture your customers’ attention even when they’re not on your site with timely web push notifications.

Push Notifications

App push notifications

Have an app? Then you can use us to send push notifications with richer one-to-one messaging based on customer behaviours.

Google Ads

Google ads retargeting

Cut down your Google ad spend by targeting your customers at the right moment, when they are most likely to click and convert.

Meta Ads

Meta ads retargeting

Expand your reach. Use look-a-like audience capabilities, identify your most valuable customers and target others just like them.

Display Ads

Dynamic display ads retargeting

Match your customer segments against Criteo’s 630 million daily active users to create highly personalised digital display ads.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail marketing

Use our address match integration to cleanse your address data, then automate the delivery of your direct mail segments to your mailing house.

Website Personalisation

Web personalisation

Enhance your customer’s onsite experience by serving personalised and relevant content to
them based on their actions.

Intuitive campaign management capabilities

Email & SMS Campaign Calendar

Multichannel campaign calendar

You’ll never send out a campaign at the same time to the same person ever again, thanks to our campaign calendar.


Keeping on top of all campaigns that are sending out across all your channels, the campaign calendar brings order to the chaos of disjointed schedules and planning that happens when using multiple platforms.


Used in addition with Campaign Labels, you can tag and categorise campaigns together for greater performance analysis.

Create multichannel workflows in minutes

Tactical campaign canvas tool

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of building out tactical one-off campaigns with our campaign canvas. Every channel is together, nothing is siloed.


Send out an email campaign and come back later. Drag on a rule to send out a follow up to non-openers using a different channel and another email for those that opened but didn’t click.


Use the powerful tools of automation such as delays, rules and branching for all your tactical sends for a smarter way to deploy!

Easy drag and drop Email Builder

An industry leading email builder tool

Fed up of a slow, unresponsive or buggy email builder tool? Then you need to experience one of the best builders in the industry.


You’ll be creating sophisticated personalised creatives in minutes via our drag-and-drop dynamic content and display conditions editor.


Powered by transactional, behavioural, engagement and contextual data you’ll be able to personalise every element of your email!

Send Time Optimisation

Trying to work out when would be the best time to send that Email? Don’t bother, and let us take care of that for you.


Our Send Time Optimisation algorithm analyses your subscribers’ behaviour and patterns during the last six months for clicks or purchases to determine the optimal send time for that recipient.


Your emails will automatically send at the precise moment when each recipient is most likely to click or purchase!

A/B Tests and Control Groups

Continually optimise your campaigns with our A/B testing tool, and experiment with different subject lines and creatives to uncover the winning formula for maximum engagement and revenue.


Go one step further and use our Control Group testing tool to determine baselines for comparison to measure the true impact of your marketing campaigns.

What our clients say

Magnet Trade introduce SMS alongside email to increase survey response rate by 33%

“On our post purchase workflow, the email and SMS campaigns can be connected to each other either by a time delay or rules based on a customer’s activity. It’s very intuitive to use and I can personalise the SMS content with customer data from our SCV.”

Esme McQue, Email/CRM Marketing Executive, Magnet Trade
Perfume in front of pink flowers

Email revenue up by 72% compared against previous automation provider

“Since moving over to RedEye they have exceeded our expectations with the level of strategic support and ideas they have provided to help grow Fragrance Direct, in comparison to our previous supplier. All of which has helped us see an impressive increase in performance with email revenue up by 72% when compared to what we achieved with our previous supplier.”

Danielle Hardie, Marketing Executive, Fragrance Direct
Couple watching Sky TV

Quick pace needed for Sky's Abandoned Basket programmes

“I really enjoy working with RedEye on Sky’s Abandoned Basket programme. RedEye strive to push the programme forward, always coming up with new initiatives to try. They are also very accommodating to Sky’s quick pace which is essential. I hope we work together for many more years to come.”

Victoria O'Brien, Digital Product Owner Manager

Predictive Frequency Management increases engagement by 17%

“We’ve gone from sending one or two emails a week to sending almost every day. Our open rates have increased to nearly 40%, click-throughs are averaging about 6% and conversion rate has over doubled.”

Charlotte Freddi, CRM Marketing Manager, Gtech

Predicting churn to makeover allbeauty’s customer retention strategy

“Since applying the predictive churn model onto our customer database, we have been overwhelmed with the success in not only dramatically reducing customer churn but also increasing sales from those who would have previously lapsed by 414.6%.”

CRM Manager, allbeauty

Explore more capabilities

Marketing Automation

Multichannel marketing automation

Our intuitive journey builder allows you to easily create automated campaigns across multiple channels – all from one screen.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.

Creative Designers

Industry leading email builder tool

Create customised, dynamic and personalised emails with or without the ability to code with our flexible Email Builder tool.

Talk to us

One of our friendly experts will be in touch to find out a little more about your challenges and give you a tour of our platform, highlighting exactly how our tech can solve your problems and help you reach your marketing objectives.

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