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Create incredibly targeted audiences for use in Meta Ads, Google Ads and Display Ads

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Use your marketing automation behavioural data more effectively when retargeting your customers

Deliver a seamless customer experience to increase customer loyalty with our social, search and display ad marketing automation capabilities.
A true single customer view allows you to target your customers at each step of the customer journey, including their interactions with your brand on Social Media.
Use exclusion features to improve customer experience and reduce your CPC by removing customers who have recently purchased from your ad campaigns.

Target your prospects and customers accurately on social, search and display

Create custom audiences and export

Drive tactical campaigns or social media automation strategies. Deliver highly personalised and targeted adverts on Facebook, Display and Google Ads by utilising customer segmentation.

Maximise the return on investment

Make rich data selections based on customer website behaviour and channel engagement. Place your adverts at the right point of the customer journey and greater influence their decisions.

Grow your reach through look-a-likes

Expand the reach of your Social Media campaigns using our look-a-like audience capability. Identify your most valuable customers and target people just like them across your Social Media channels.


increase in campaign reach by combining email campaigns with Facebook marketing.


of customers use social networks during the purchase process.


of marketers believe social media has generated more exposure for their business.

RedEye x Criteo integration

Reach your customers with personalised dynamic display ads with our Criteo API integration

Without the need to leave our platform, you can create powerful customer segments, then automatically and securely sync these segments to Criteo’s platform as part of an automated or one-off campaign.
Criteo’s API leverages Shopper Graph – which holds more than 630 million daily active users – to match your customer segments against its First-Party Media Network to create highly personalised and targeted audiences to target with dynamic display adverts.

Predictive Frequency Management increases engagement by 17%

“We’ve gone from sending one or two emails a week to sending almost every day. Our open rates have increased to nearly 40%, click-throughs are averaging about 6% and conversion rate has over doubled.”

Charlotte Freddi, CRM Marketing Manager, Gtech

Email income increases by 44% in their first year using RedEye marketing automation

“We are extremely pleased with the results RedEye have helped us to achieve in our first year together. We truly feel like they are in it with us, supporting our growth with an email campaign programme that aids us in targeting our different groups of customers with a personalised approach, which has driven fantastic results.”

eCommerce Manager, allbeauty

40% increase in email revenue through data-driven marketing automation

“The exponential growth of Travelodge’s CRM programme in the past couple of years has been credited to the sophisticated technology of RedEye’s Contour platform coupled with the skill, creativity and experience of their team.”

Stuart Dessler, Senior eCRM Manager, Travelodge

Interactive and engaging emails that powered long term customer relationships

“I have been very impressed with how simple and intuitive the RedEye platform has been to use. With a small and nimble team, it was important for us to have a flexible and versatile platform that we could rely on to help us to deploy the scale and sophistication of personalised lifecycle campaigns that you might expect from a much larger team.”

Alex van Steeden, Senior eCRM & Insight Manager, Papa John's

Designed to drive success across multiple channels

Using a single customer view database, create personalised customer experiences by utilising all marketing channels from one powerful workflow and journey builder. This is where data and channels meet.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Create customised, dynamic and personalised emails with or without the ability to code with our flexible editor and design options.


SMS marketing

Built in SMS functionality to send automated responses, complement your email campaigns and boost customer interactions.

Push Notifications

App push notifications

Integrate your mobile app data in your marketing automation workflows and engage your customers with one-to-one messaging.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail marketing

Use our address match integration to cleanse your address data, then automate the delivery of your direct mail segments to your mailing house.

Website Personalisation

Web personalisation

Serve personalised and relevant content to specific segments on your website to enhance their onsite experience.

Web Push

Web push notifications

Capture your customers’ attention even when they’re not on your site with timely web push notifications.

Explore more capabilities designed to grow revenue and strengthen customer loyalty

Single Customer View

Actionable customer data

Combine, consolidate and connect all your customer data from transactional to behavioural and deliver data-driven personalisation.

Customer intelligence and Predictive Analytics

AI-driven predictive analytics

Predict the future behaviour of individual customers at each stage of the lifecycle and influence their next likely action.

Data Insights

Reporting made for marketers

Using natural search language (NLQ) anyone can create complex customer analysis and dashboards through a simple search prompt.

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