Internet of Me: Why Personalisation is Here to Stay

    Hannah Johnston | Senior Marketing Executive

    Are you one of the 86% of UK brands currently using personalisation in marketing? As marketers we actively seek to communicate with our customers on an emotional level, it’s no wonder personalisation has risen up the ranks in brand engagement strategies! Still think it’s just a passing fad? Think again, here’s why it’s not.


    What’s in a Name?

    One of the most well-known examples of personalisation in marketing is Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which reversed the brand’s depleting sales. Marmite and Nutella followed suit with similar get-your-name-on-our-packaging concepts.

    You’re also more likely to read this blog post if I mention your name, seriously, this paper says so! But let’s be honest, personalisation is more than just slapping someone’s first name on a coke bottle. It’s about making one-on-one connections that transcend labels and packaging.

    If the Millennials are on Board, I’m in!

    It has been found that building deeper connections is particularly important for millennials, and it’s these millennials that will apparently make up two thirds of our population by 2025. A Global study by SDL found 46% of millennials don’t mind sharing their personal information in exchange for a personalised experience. And who could blame them? They just want to receive content communications that are relevant to them.

    Relevance is Critical

    We’ve created more information in the last 10 years than in all of human history. This is more information than our brains can handle, so we need relevance. Soon, delivering data driven one-to-one personalisation in marketing won’t be a nice-to-have, it will be necessity if we want to have any hope of cutting through the noise.

    We Live in an Experience Economy

    Good old bricks and mortar stores are no longer needed, there has been a massive shift in customer expectations, with technology meaning customers no longer need to visit stores. The personalised customer journey must extend further than online, with the goal of retailers shifting to making consumers want to go to their stores for a memorable experience, rather than a product or service.

    We are Faced with a Mountain of Choice

    There will only ever be more choice. And with that, ever more complex purchase decisions. Drive your content and offers with personalisation tailored to interests, last viewed products and past purchases, this is what will demand your customer’s attention. Get the right customer, with the right message, at the right time, on the right channel with the help of cross-channel marketing, automation and analytics.

    Diaries are Fuller than Ever

    As time becomes our most scarce asset, limiting the never-ending flow of communications, to communications that are truly relevant will only become more important. Learn from customer behaviour and manage and drive insight from the wealth of your customer data with customer segmentation and analysis.

    Personalisation in Marketing is Expected

    Consumers expect the same experience across channels and expect you to know their preferences and interests. Sending personalised emails and recommending products or services based on previous behaviour is increasingly important to customer loyalty.

    Personalisation should be woven throughout the customer journey. Businesses that utilise personalisation effectively will continue to beat the competition and gain customers that are loyal and are proven to produce more value.