Warner Leisure Hotels sees a ROI of 4472%

The Challenge

Warner Leisure Hotels were looking for a way to introduce the brand to new prospects with the aim of encouraging those who have never booked a holiday with Warner before to make their first booking. Warner were looking to do this through a relevant and informative suite of automated emails.

The Solution

RedEye identified an opportunity to create a multi-stage prospect journey for those people who had signed up to receive Warner emails but had not yet made a first booking for a Warner break.

To implement the prospect journey, RedEye had to first carry out a detailed data analysis project that helped to identify the optimum time between receiving initial welcome emails from the brand and making a first booking. Geographic location data was utilised to help determine dynamically populated content within the emails to further tailor the hotel locations. This insight logic was fed into the RedEye Customer Data Platform which allowed for the complex and automated segments of data to be created for the prospect journey to begin.

The prospect journey consisted of three stages of behavioral emails, alongside weekly targeted managed campaigns. If at any point in the journey a customer made a booking, they became a ‘Purchaser’, and moved into the customer journey for the ‘First Time Booker’ segment. The power of the RedEye Customer Data Platform allows for this segment movement to occur in a real time environment to enhance the overall customer experience.

RedEye also recommended that frequency management rules were applied to each schedule to ensure that people were not being over mailed. This is something that focus groups had identified as being an important consideration for Warner to ensure that their customers remained engaged with Warner emails.

The Results

The in-depth data analysis that RedEye carried out that led to the prospect journey being implemented, resulted in unique open rates of 62% and click through rates of 48%. The ROI for the campaign peaked at a massive 4472%.

The in-depth data analysis RedEye carried out has enabled us to create relevant and engaging email communications which were key to creating a conversation with prospects we had not communicated with before.

Email Marketing Executive

Warner Leisure Hotels


ROI over the course of the campaign


unique email open rate


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