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Segmentation underpins successful customer communication strategies. How you communicate with your most profitable customers should differ markedly from how you communicate with prospects in order to maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

Smart customer communications using segmentation

RedEye helps you to understand and build segmentation strategies to meet your business goals and objectives, putting the power of your data in your hands.

Working with RedEye, the marketer is able to personalise and target at all levels. From personalised 1-2-1 communications triggered by behavioural data, to strategic segments underpinning long term customer marketing strategies, to building one time only segments on the fly.

A single Segmentation tool across all of your data

Using RedEye’s Segmentation tool you have all your most important and relevant marketing data in a single database held against a customer record. RedEye’s Segmentation tool sits on top of this, allowing you to build powerful strategic segments based on the entire breadth of your data or precise segments built on any variable. It is also integrated into six channels, allowing you to easily select your segments when building automated triggers, one-off tactical campaigns or multi-channel lifecycles, thereby creating a direct link between your data and your channels.

Build segments instantly to meet specific business needs

The ability to react quickly to changing circumstances is absolutely key for marketers, and RedEye’s Segmentation tool allows you to quickly build specific segments for immediate one-off campaigns. A surfeit of blue trousers in the warehouse…? Build a segment of individuals who have browsed blue trousers in the last two weeks and send an email with an offer? Tomorrow’s plane to Alicante half empty? Send a text to all previous travellers to Alicante merged with browsers of Alicante in the last 48 hours. All quickly and easily done with RedEye’s Segmentation tool.

Dynamic segments that change as your customers change

Your segments are not static, they update constantly as your customer behaviour changes. When a prospect makes a purchase, they would immediately move into the single purchase segment starting them on another marketing automation lifecycle designed to optimise their newly attained status. Automatically the type of communications change and remain relevant! You no longer have to regularly download your data and re-build your segmentation at great cost. RedEye’s Customer Data Platform and Segmentation tool keep your communications up-to-date. 

Create an omni-channel experience for your customers

RedEye’s Segmentation tool doesn’t just sit on all of your data… create a segment in your Segmentation tool, save it and it is then immediately available in all your key channels. You can instantly create a single, omni-channel message so your customers see relevant and coordinated messages and content from email, through to push messaging, all the way to your website.

Target your customers with precision through segmentation

Across the range of capabilities provided by RedEye, targeting with precision is one of the key capabilities we provide to the marketer. We want to highlight each individual customer likely to lapse, each customer who has abandoned a basket and each prospect likely to become a VIP. RedEye’s segmentation capability sits on top of every piece of data on your customer, every purchase, every campaign sent, every email opened, every app engagement and every product viewed on the website. RedEye allows you real precision in building segments and targeting marketing messages. 

We were thrilled that RedEye were able to help us find a solution to stop our discount codes being shared online. The RFM analysis clearly helped us see which segments we needed to target with promotions and the unique code merge made this so simple for us to implement!

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