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Re-imagine Direct Mail as part of your cross-channel marketing

RedEye includes Direct Mail as a standard element of its Marketing Automation canvas, Contour. This allows the marketer to easily integrate Direct Mail into a multi-channel strategy making it increasingly important and valuable to a fully rounded customer marketing strategy.

Direct Mail implementation made simple

Our Direct Mail tool allows you to build and send campaigns including tactical one-off sends and behavioural and dynamically driven automated campaigns. It allows you to make Direct Mail part of your fully joined up multi and omni-channel campaigns and much, much more. Contour also automates the delivery of the mailing files directly to your mailing house.

Our recent blog looks at the part Direct Mail can play in a digital world.

Increase engagement using Direct Mail

With the increased volume of Email Marketing and the daily quantity landing in a customer’s inbox, it can be difficult to make sure your message is heard. By using Contour you can use Direct Mail to support email and other channels, improving engagement and return on investment.

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Respond to shifts in behaviour with Direct Mail

RedEye’s Marketing Automation suite allows you to tie Direct Mail into your Marketing Automation strategy. For instance, build Direct Mail into certain lifecycles to optimise the likelihood of conversion. Or if a customer browses a high value product but does not purchase, automate a personalised mail piece or catalogue to that individual. Your options with Direct Mail are endless.

Personalisation is the key to successful Direct Mail

The RedEye Customer Data Platform gives your Direct Mail a significant boost. By bringing all your data into one Single Customer View you are able to accurately personalise your Direct Mail based on factors such as the last product browsed on your website or the last offer seen. Our Direct Mail Tool also allows you to choose the perfect moment to employ Direct Mail as part of a Marketing Automation strategy.

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Reach your customers through their preferred channel

RedEye allows you to collate every engagement across every channel to allow you to build a view of your customers channel preferences allowing the marketer to develop strategies to optimise contact and engagement. This is the type of insight that you can achieve with RedEye, taking away the challenge of not knowing what channel to use and when.

Increase your Direct Mail ROI

Don’t be scared of the cost – in fact Direct Mail is becoming a much more effect and efficient channel. If you have the right selection, offer, message, creative and it’s personalised to resonate with the intended recipient then impressive ROI will be achieved. The RedEye Direct Mail tool can help you achieve all of this.

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Unlike online banners that people click through without looking, mail is a physical, tangible product that seems more reliable and is harder to ignore if it arrives on your doorstep addressed to you personally. That’s why more than 9 out of 10 direct mails are opened and over half of all UK adults act upon receiving direct mail.

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