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Enhance your multi-channel marketing strategy with Direct Mail

Integrate Direct Mail into your strategy with ease in RedEye’s Marketing Automation Hub.

Discover the power of Direct Mail

Build and send campaigns using our Direct Mail marketing services, including tactical one-off sends and dynamically driven automated campaigns. Integrate Direct Mail into your digital strategy for maximum impact. Our Marketing Automation Hub also automates the delivery of the mailing files directly to your mailing house, making your life even easier!

Our blog looks at the part Direct Mail can play in a digital world.

Engage your customers with Direct Mail

Get your message heard amongst the increased volume of Email Marketing. Use our Direct Mail tool, take the load off email and other channels and use the marketer’s forgotten weapon to optimise the likelihood of a conversion.

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Personalisation is the key to successful Direct Mail

Personalise your Direct Mail based on factors such as the last product browsed on your website or the last offer seen. You can do this in RedEye’s Marketing Automation Hub as our Single Customer View brings all of your data together, giving you in-depth insight into your customers. What’s more, with this information you will be able to choose the perfect moment to employ Direct Mail as part of a Marketing Automation strategy.

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Reach your customers through their preferred marketing channel

Collate every engagement, across every channel, to allow you to build a view of your customers’ channel preferences. RedEye are specialists in supporting clients in developing multi-channel strategies to optimise contact and engagement.

Unlike online banners that people click through without looking, mail is a physical, tangible product that seems more reliable and is harder to ignore if it arrives on your doorstep addressed to you personally. That’s why more than 9 out of 10 direct mails are opened and over half of all UK adults act upon receiving direct mail.

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