Our Partners

When it comes to delivering the most sophisticated solutions, we tap into some pretty big brains and names.

  • ATTRAQT logo transparent background Attraqt

    Attraqt's powerful visual merchandising, peerless site search, and compelling product recommendations provide an enhanced user experience that leads to more conversions, higher basket values and loyal customers returning again and again. Attraqt Freestyle Merchandising is an extension ready to drive more revenue for your company!

    Website: www.attraqt.com

  • dynmark logo Dynmark

    Dynmark is a complete, mobile engagement platform and enables brands and enterprises to create immersive, intelligent and valuable consumer communications via mobile apps and SMS. It uses its ‘Intelligent Brain’ and latest ‘Donky’ service – a revolutionary messaging network – to enhance customers’ mobile data.

    Website: www.dynmark.com

  • econsultancylogoround d2b82b06af64a122639cff57ddf1b7fd Econsultancy

    The world’s most successful brands, suppliers and agencies turn to Econsultancy’s extensive resources – from premium subscriptions, research, webinars, events and online content to capability assessments, training, elearning and skills development programmes. Organisations can transform their culture, build better teams, boost performance and deliver results.

    Website: www.econsultancy.com

  • ereceipts eReceipts.com

    eReceipts.com is the market leader in digital receipts and offers an exciting way to organise and reward the shopping experience. It drives customer acquisition, engagement, retention and growth by capturing customer data in store and providing cross-channel customer insight as well as new marketing channels for personalised engagement. 

    Website: www.ereceipts.com

  • Feefologoblackyellowwhite Feefo

    Feefo, the global feedback engine, is an award-winning consumer ratings and reviews platform that offers a complete understanding of your customers’ experience. The comprehensive solution harnesses the power of customer reviews, so that organisations can enhance their online visibility, grow sales conversions and gain valuable customer insight.

    Website: www.feefo.com/

  • monetatelogo Monetate

    Monetate knows that one size never fits all and powers multi-channel personalisation for the world’s best brands. Built for speed, the Monetate platform’s easy-to-use interface allows marketers to create, test and deploy an unlimited number of personalised digital experiences with limited need for IT or consulting resources.

    Website: www.monetate.com

  • OptiLogo2 Optimizely

    Founded in 2010, Optimizely is the market leader in online optimisation technology, with offices across North America, Europe and Asia. Optimizely enables companies to turn data into action through testing and personalisation campaigns on Web and App. It provides a robust, intuitive product, best-in-class ecosystem and revolutionary Stats Engine. 

    Website: www.optimizely.com

  • Peerius Logo Green black text RGB Peerius

    Peerius is Europe’s market leader in personalisation software. Peerius personalises each customer’s online experience, one to one and in real time, at every stage of the customer journey. Peerius uses a unique Personalisation Index to benchmark onsite performance against industry standards. This ensures that clients are able to continuously optimise the benefits achieved through personalisation.

    Website: www.peerius.com


    ResponseTap Call-based Marketing Automation takes call tracking to another level. It amplifies the depth and breadth of data across the customer journey, creating relevance and insight at every click. Adding telephone call to online metrics improves the customer experience and lets sales insight help determine your marketing spend.

    Website: www.responsetap.com

  • ReturnPathLogo2 Return Path

    Clients and partners worldwide choose Return Path to help them build closer, safer and smarter customer relationships. The proprietary data platform, SaaS products and professional services allow Return Path customers to generate more revenue and engagement from their marketing campaigns and protect their brands and their consumers from fraud.

    Website: www.returnpath.com

  • SLISystemsLogo SLI Systems

    SLI Systems helps you increase e-commerce revenue by connecting your online and mobile shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. SLI solutions include SaaS-based learning search, navigation, merchandising, mobile, recommendations and user-generated SEO. SLI serves around 1 billion search queries each month for businesses in five continents.

    Website: www.sli-systems.co.uk

  • webalytixfinal Webalytix

    Webalytix specialises in helping clients grow and retain their customer base through analytical insight. Understanding the customer is critical to business success. They advise their clients on who, how and when they should be engaging, whilst analysis and explaining. 

    Website: www.webalytix.co.uk

  • yieldifylogo Yieldify

    Yieldify believe that marketers want to convert visitors, easily. Built for speed and agility, Yieldify’s unique technology reacts to customers’ on-site behaviour triggering a personalised campaign to reduce abandonment and increase conversions.  The campaigns are generated to match a customer’s specific behaviour, not just their assigned segmentation. Yieldify is used by over 1000 brands worldwide to increase conversions (minus the complexity).

    Website: www.yieldify.com