RedEye’s User Experience (UX) division has been optimising websites for a wide variety of well-known brands since 2000.

With experts in A/B & multivariate testing, UX design, usability, data analysis and personalisation all under one roof, we can deliver a full end-to-end optimisation and UX design service.

We understand that when it comes to website optimisation no one size fits all; no two businesses are the same; no two users are the same. Therefore every online company needs to apply a website optimisation strategy specifically designed for their business requirements.

Whether it’s a one-off project such as a usability test with eye tracking, a redesign, or an ongoing engagement such as fully managed UX-Driven A/B/MVT; one thing that stands us apart is our commitment to delivering measureable results. Results might mean improvements to your sales conversion rate, revenue per visitor, average order value, the number of leads or higher customer satisfaction levels.


A/B/n and multivariate testing is essential for continually optimising your website. Testing new content, designs and webpage enhancements against the control (original webpages) not only allows you to determine a winner with statistical confidence, but it tells you how much better the winner is.

Our UX-driven approach ensures each test variation is executed perfectly by UX experts who have a strong understanding of online user behaviour and design. This avoids the random testing that can often result from tech-driven MVT approaches.

We focus on testing the right areas of your site: fewer more targeted variations result in frequent and continuous testing. Our clients get more tests for their money and a higher success rate and better overall ROI.

Another point of difference is that our UX experts are involved in the analysis of test results as test results can be hard to correctly interpret. Our UX consultants will make sure that you reach the right conclusions and make the right decisions after each test.

RedEye is technology agnostic and proficient at using a number of testing tools including Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Adobe Target and Google Content Experiments. We will always use the software that is most appropriate for your company.



Whether you’re looking to create a complete new website, redesign a section of your site or improve the performance of landing pages, RedEye’s UX team will create modern fresh designs for desktop, tablet or mobile, that will work perfectly for your users. We also specialise in designing responsive websites. As we are experts in testing we always measure the uplift the design achieves, to ensure that you’re getting a good return on investment.

The activities in a UX design project vary with scale and scope, but what makes our projects effective is the process, the mix of activities and most importantly the involvement of usability experts, analysts and optimisation experts as well as designers.

The UX design process can be modified to fit your requirements, which are agreed in early workshops and meetings to confirm business objectives. Website and competitor analysis is used to understand the needs and expectations of the audience, feeding directly into the journey mapping, wire-framing and visual design. Finally, of course, we recommend testing both prototypes and live website to get feedback from real users.

Uniquely in the field of UX we also utilise A/B and multivariate testing within UX design projects. This allows us to test out new design ideas on your live site to inform design direction, or launch and test final designs to accurately calculate the uplift.


There’s no such thing as an average website visitor. Some will be very familiar with your brand having recently purchased items from your website, whilst others will be less engaged and need more convincing before clicking ‘add-to-basket’ and checking out. To get the most from your website you need to tailor the user experience (content, imagery, messaging, offers or journey) to the needs and aspirations of your users. This is called website personalisation. If approached in the right way it will result in considerable increases in conversion rates and revenues from your existing website visitors.

At RedEye we apply our considerable expertise in website analysis, segmentation and user experience to deliver our website personalisation managed service. 

We’ll work with you to analyse your data and help you build the segments you should be targeting with our unique database technology. We then help you develop, monitor and report on each personalised campaign to ensure you are maximising ROI.

The key to a successful website personalisation service is:

  • Having the right technology in place to accurately identify segments and target the personalised content.
  • The right expertise in segmentation and UX to analyse, design and execute effective campaigns.
  • A structured process and excellent account management to ensure you are continually maximising the opportunities on your website.


Our usability services are designed to help clients improve the online customer experience and ultimately improve website conversion. Through a range of usability techniques including usability testing with eye tracking, expert usability reviews, competitor benchmarking groups and customer surveys we’ll ensure your website is easy to use and produces the optimal customer experience. Testing can also be performed on mobiles, tablets and emails.

At RedEye we have established a reputation for extremely high quality usability testing, which delivers the qualitative insight necessary to optimise your website. When embarking on any usability testing project we use a quality, professional recruitment approach, enabling us to accurately match user profiles to the demographic/segments of your customers.

Our specialist usability lab with eye tracking provides comfortable viewing facilities enabling you to get a clear view of both the users and their activities.

Morae recording is integrated into our research lab enabling recording of all user actions and where required we stream live sessions over the internet. We are also a member of UX Fellows network which enables us to use our partners’ facilities and carry out large research projects internationally.

Usability testing and analysis is also key in our UX-driven A/B and multivariate testing and UX design services.


At RedEye we will help you turn online data into useful insights and actionable recommendations. We will be an extension of your own team, offering advice not just based on our extensive web analytics experience but based on your specific goals and business requirements.

To get the absolute best from web analytics, it’s important to build a culture where the insights are used to drive the website forward. Our agnostic approach means we’ll always use the right software for your business. Whether it’s using top level enterprise solutions like Adobe Omniture or the best free product on the internet (Google Analytics), RedEye’s highly trained analytics consultants will turn web analytics data into meaningful actions that will produce a significant ROI.

Since its inception in 1997, RedEye has used analytics to understand online user behaviour and used this to influence buying behaviour. With user experience being at the heart of everything we do, our recommendations are focused on using data to improve your online business.

Any service undertaken by RedEye typically begins with a meeting to assess your individual KPIs. Dependent on your specific requirements, we produce a reporting dashboard updated on either a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition to this we will set up regular meetings (on average we see our clients more than once a month) and participate in daily communication via a means convenient for you.