Butlin's achieve 2,618% uplift in sign-ups due to mobile newsletter pop-up

    The Challenge

    During 2015 Butlin’s, a leading holiday provider, hosted a digital guide on their website which was accessible by entering an email address, before receiving a downloadable link in an email.

    At the end of 2015 they decided to remove the guide and focus on developing richer online content making it accessible to all visitors and potential guests.

    As a result they saw a reduction in overall email data capture, and wanted to investigate options of driving this in other ways across the website.

    The Solution

    The Butlin’s team worked with the RedEye CRO team to design and implement a pop-up to increase newsletter sign-ups on the Butlin’s mobile website to help with data capture online.

    A cookie was used to target returning visitors only, and the pop-up was timed to appear within five seconds of landing on any of the mobile website landing pages.

    As part of the design, buttons were used for title selection, instead of drop downs, to help improve the mobile experience and ensure the sign-up process was as easy as possible for the user. In addition, Butlin’s also offered a discount code as an incentive to encourage visitors to sign up to the newsletter.

    The Results

    By introducing this new mobile pop-up both the Butlin’s & RedEye CRO team saw a relatively quick boost to newsletter sign-ups, and overall the mechanic helped generate an increase in newsletter sign-ups of 2,618%. The test helped showcase that simple design and an incentive both help to increase the opt-in of website visitors.

    We saw an opportunity to increase email sign-ups following the removal of our digital guide, so we worked with the team at RedEye to develop various test ideas. With each iteration we kept the visitor front of mind and tried to make the experience easy and worthwhile which showed in the amazing results.

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