Monarch sees ROI of 2484% from data analysis and insight

    The Challenge

    Monarch were concerned that a significant proportion of their customer base may be lapsed or in the process of lapsing. They wanted to identify these customers and encourage them to book again, but this time with a data driven approach by investing in customer analysis. Their previous lapsed campaign wasn’t data driven, it was sent to people who had booked between 13 and 24 times and hadn’t purchased in the last five months and included an incentive.

    The Solution

    To investigate the issue Monarch had identified within their customer base, RedEye conducted analysis upon historical booking data to identify patterns within booking behaviours in order to define lapsing and lapsed customers. Based upon this analysis, algorithms were built to flag those customers who were lapsing or lapsed. Segments of such customers were automatically calculated daily in order to communicate with them via email and encourage them to book again.

    In order to optimise these communications, ‘next destination’ suggestions were included in the emails, utilising dynamic content to ensure they were targeted and individual to the customer. From the  analysis of historic booking behaviours, the top three ‘next destinations’ were suggested based upon the customer’s previous destination and  where they were most likely to fly to next.

    The Results

    Considering that by definition these customers were lapsing and lapsed and were therefore not engaging with Monarch anymore, the conversion rate of this campaign is the highest performing of all Monarch’s  behavioural campaigns in 2015 at 12.26% . The average booking value was also higher than the average behavioural email at £319.37 compared with £219.65.

    The introduction of the dynamic ‘next destination’ suggestions into the email increased the click through rate (12.3% to 13.49%) and conversion rate (11.61% to 13.65%). In the first three months of its implementation (from June 2015) the campaign generated 90% of the revenue the old campaign generated in its 17 months of implementation (Oct 2013 – Feb 2015), and an ROI of 2484%.

    A control group was used to test the incremental impact of the campaign for one month, in which 10% of the lapsed segments did not receive the email. Lapsed customers who received the email were 1.6 times more likely to re-engage with Monarch than those who didn’t, highlighting the value and importance of this data analysis project.

    We relish RedEye’s ability to analyse our data and provide us with key insights. Being able to target customers that were lapsing or had even already lapsed by re-engaging them with the brand is so important to us, and this campaign did exactly that and more.

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    ROI for this campaign


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