A Client Journey: Monarch & RedEye

    About Monarch


    Monarch is a leading UK independent travel group. The company includes a scheduled airline, in-house tour operator and an award-winning engineering division. The airline flies more than six million customers from five UK airports to over 40 European beach, city and ski destinations.

    Why RedEye?


    Monarch selected RedEye following a hunt to find a market leading database solution that was the perfect fit for them. They were looking for a partner that could provide them with comprehensive support and capabilities to help them drive their ambitious marketing objectives.

    Fast forward over 10 years and Monarch are continuing to thrive with RedEye, having seen the benefit of long term investment in their database. Monarch utilise every part of RedEye’s offering, from getting to know their customers better through data insight, delivering a rich Marketing Automation strategy by focusing on analysing user behaviour, to driving online revenue with Conversion Rate Optimisation.

    Monarch and RedEye consistently work as unified businesses to maximise value, ensuring that marketing decisions are based on the rich data that continues to deliver growth and high quality customer experiences.

    Monarch's Marketing Objectives

    • To drive increased conversion and revenue from their digital marketing channels

    • To invest in a database that could drive long term growth

    • To use data to drive ongoing communications

    • To optimise the Monarch website to increase conversion rates

    "When we first started working with RedEye in the mid 2000’s we were aware our data wasn’t supporting our marketing efforts the way we really needed it to. We selected RedEye because it was clear they had the knowledge and expertise to support us in such a wide variety of ways. Over the long period of time we have worked with RedEye, the one element that has really stood out to me has always been the people. Our dedicated Account Managers have formed a crucial extension of our team and we are safe in the knowledge that if we need any support from across the RedEye business they will be there at the drop of a hat."

    Chief Commercial Officer



    Increase in revenue per visitor site-wide


    Overall conversion rate through Marketing Automation


    ROI generated

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