Reporting and Analytics from RedEye

Marketing Automation reporting made easy

Generate actionable insights from your customer data instantly. At RedEye we’re focused on delivering the insights you need to make good business decisions and support the future success of your brand.

Deep dive into your customer data

Query data, answer questions on campaign performance, build reports or perform a customer data deep dive, these are requirements that are high on your list as a marketer. Our reporting and data visualisation capabilities enable you to see, analyse, segment and act on your data – facilitating a far deeper understanding of customer behaviour.

Track success with omni-channel analytics

Centralise your campaign data and analytics in a single reporting solution that can also be exported into other platforms of your choice, so you never have to face manually combining reports from disparate data sources!

RedEye’s Reporting tool, sitting on top of a single platform, offers you the capability to analyse campaigns, set and track KPIs, build dashboards and deep dive into your data with sophisticated omni-channel analytics.

Customise your KPI reporting dashboard

Access ‘at a glance’ top level reporting for the KPI's that matter – including trends over time.

  • Explore your data in fine detail with customisable filters so you can analyse campaigns and marketing performance in-depth
  • Customisable KPI reporting
  • Accurate cross device reporting so you can see the effectiveness of your channels with ease

Simple data dashboards making reporting easy

  • You can clearly see what is happening to your customer base with our simple data dashboard reporting
  • Key customer and prospect counts across the Customer Data Platform are highlighted across all channels
  • Explore increasing and decreasing camapign volumes by channel
  • Track customer value and engagement
  • Track changes in volume and value trends
  • Query any variable, any customer, any parameter held within your database

There’s no question that the development of better analytical tools and approaches in recent years has given business leaders significant new decision-making firepower.


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