Push Messaging from RedEye

Use Push notifications to target your customers at the right moments

Build mobile engagement with your app while enhancing your automated customer journey. Our Push notification capabilities allow you to attract new customers, increase mobile engagement, drive conversion, and connect your in-store and online customer behaviour data. Discover our Push messaging product.

Using customer data to personalise Push messaging

Push from RedEye is built right into our Contour product meaning you have a Single Customer View at your fingertips. Your in-app messaging will be personalised and relevant to your customers.

Send targeted Push notifications using rich behavioural data

RedEye allows you to move beyond sending simple Push messages based on single one dimensional data and instead utilise the rich behavioural data from your Contour customer database. Contact your customers with highly relevant information at precisely the right point in their purchase journey for optimal engagement and ROI.

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Multiple devices

Optimise Push messaging with cross device identification

Using Contour to drive your mobile and app engagement strategy through Push marketing, your strategy will be enhanced by RedEye’s unique Cross Device Identification capability. RedEye doesn’t track cookies, we identify mobile browsers as they visit your site allowing you to effectively target your communications during the purchase cycle.

Include Push messaging in your automated customer journey

Embed Push notifications right into the heart of your automated lifecycle campaigns, using Contour’s powerful and intuitive interface to trigger campaigns at the perfect moment in the customer journey. Your customers will receive the right message, at the right time, on the right device, automatically.

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Utilise notifications to enhance the customer experience

Use messaging to build engagement by encouraging repeat visits to the app and to convert app users into customers.

Use in-app notifications to integrate rich messaging

Make your messages actionable with rich messaging. Provide a seamless, integrated experience that maximises the latest web technologies to keep those who respond, engaged with relevant content – and keep them in app. Be safe in the knowledge that there are fewer potential points of journey failure for your customer.

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