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Embed social media into the heart of your marketing strategy

Social media is a key touchpoint in the customer decision making process. Don’t overlook the power of customer reviews, word of mouth and its influence within your marketing strategy.

Use Social Media Marketing in Contour

With 55% of customers using social networks during the purchase process, Social Media Marketing is a crucial channel in the purchase funnel.

Use social media to target prospects and customers

Contour allows the marketer to create Custom Audiences and to use these as part of standalone tactical campaigns or social media automation strategies. Our platform allows for customer segmentation that enables you to deliver highly personalised and targeted adverts on social media platforms.

You can maximise the ROI of social media advertising through rich data selections based on customer on-site behaviour and channel engagement. By placing your ad on social channels at the right point of the customer journey you can automatically influence their decision.

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Use social media to grow your audience

Expand the reach of your social media campaigns using Contour’s 'look-a-like audience' capability. Identify your most valuable customers and target those just like them across your social media channels. Maximise the ROI of your social media strategy by targeting new, hyper-relevant customers.

Embed social media into the heart of your marketing automation strategy

A true Single Customer View allows you to target your customers at each step of the customer journey, including the contact they make with your brand on social media. Delivering a seamless customer experience will drive customer loyalty and our social marketing automation capabilities will help you expand your customer base.

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increase in campaign reach by combining email campaigns with Facebook marketing


of customers use social networks during the purchase process


of marketers believe social media has generated more exposure for their business

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.

Mark Zuckerberg


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