Eaglemoss case study

Eaglemoss achieve 63% email revenue growth YOY using Marketing Automation from RedEye

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At a glance

• 12% direct click to sale conversion rate


• 65% average open rate


• 63% increase in email revenue year on year

Scaling personalisation initiatives across all touch points

Customer retention is a key driver for many organisations, and as a partwork publisher especially so for Eaglemoss! Retention and upsell is critical to meeting all of their marketing objectives.


When selecting RedEye Eaglemoss knew they required a fully integrated Customer Data Platform that enabled them to effectively use their rich data to easily scale their customer personalisation initiatives across all touch points to enhance the customer experience.


Eaglemoss also wanted to have a better understanding of their customer’s behaviour and buying habits. Consumers who purchase collectables, by their nature, are likely to purchase again and Eaglemoss wanted to make sure they were making that as easy as possible for their customers.

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More visitors have been converted into customers

RedEye’s fully integrated marketing automation platform has enabled Eaglemoss to identify opportunity across each stage of the customer lifecycle.


More visitors have been converted into customers and subsequently nurtured into brand advocates through the application of 170 automated campaigns and communication lifecycles, enabling them to retain their customer base and grow LTV.


To achieve this RedEye collected and amalgamated data from all possible sources providing Eaglemoss with a unified single customer view. This allowed them to understand their customers and automatically engage those customers through the RedEye multi-channel marketing automation platform.

Identifying new opportunities from on site customer behaviour

RedEye’s consultants worked with Eaglemoss to identify possible areas of risk and opportunity within the customer behaviour and buying habits, identifying cohorts of their customer base. For instance, identifying those at risk of lapsing or purchasing from a competitor when highly sought after and popular collectables went out of stock or were temporarily unavailable.


Following this insight RedEye immediately looked into how customers interact with the online store and how stock levels impact the onsite behaviour. To ensure maximum revenue whilst improving customer loyalty and satisfaction RedEye targeted customers who dropped out of the purchasing funnel at various stages, one of them being due to stock shortages.


With a personalised ‘Back in Stock’ customer experience, using a combination of customer engagement, stock levels and transactional data RedEye was able to target those customers efficiently and secure the revenue.

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The results - a 63% increase in revenue year on year

Through the use of the RedEye, Eaglemoss have been able to constantly drive up revenue from their marketing automation over the past three years, delivering a 63% increase in revenue year on year across all campaigns.


In one specific area, targeting customers with personalised ‘Back in Stock’ communications has succeeded in retaining valuable business for Eaglemoss. This campaign has resulted in average open rates above 65% with a direct click to sale conversion rate of 12%. Overall the ‘Back in Stock’ campaign has provided 6% of the overall email revenue since November 2016.


Following the success of the ‘Back in Stock’ programme in the UK, Eaglemoss worked with RedEye to expand the programme to a further nine countries.

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“Without the RedEye Marketing Automation Hub, especially the ‘Back in Stock’ programme, the channel growth we have seen in the last three years wouldn’t have happened. We feel RedEye are an integral supplier of Eaglemoss and are looking forward to continuing our growth together.”


Adam Symes, Group Head of CRM


direct click to sale conversion rate


average open rate


increase in email revenue year on year

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