MaxiNutrition Case Study

Gains for MaxiNutrition with 37.8% growth in customers thanks to a personalised RedEye supplement

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At a glance

• Using RedEye’s managed services resulted in an ROI of 95.6% for MaxiNutrition


• A 37.8% increase in contactable customers over 12 months thanks to a new segmentation strategy and engaging content to retain customers


• Utilisation of customer preferences, voucher code systems, Trustpilot reviews and countdown timers contributed to improved engagement and revenue


• Improved efficiency and flexibility enabled MaxiNutrition to increase campaign frequency

Introducing MaxiNutrition

MaxiNutrition is the UK’s original sports nutrition brand and has been providing first-class sport nutrition products for over twenty eight years.


Having such a rich history in sports nutrition has meant that MaxiNutrition truly understand how athletes’ bodies work. MaxiNutrition’s broad product range covers protein products for everyone, from beginners to elite athletes.

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The need for more reps, intensity and frequency

MaxiNutrition’s marketing team knew they needed to increase their campaign output and improve their marketing automation workflows to increase revenue. But with a team running at capacity and resources tight they could not do this alone.


To overcome this, MaxiNutrition acquired a managed services package from RedEye to supplement their team with email marketing automations professionals, to take their campaigns to the next level.


For the day-to-day campaign management, Max-Nutrition’s in-house designer worked closely with RedEye’s client services team, sending over designs for the team to build into branded HTML email creatives.


Their great working relationship enabled both teams to be flexible around Max- Nutrition’s business needs. This included suggestions for improvements such as introducing interactivity such as countdown timers for limited sales periods, successfully boosting engagement levels.

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“The working relationship my team has with RedEye is wonderful. Their flexibility to our needs is a great asset. Campaigns are going from strength-to-strength thanks to our test and learn methodology.


We meet up weekly to discuss improvements and are constantly looking at subject lines analysis, segmentation tweaks and amending creative designs based on previous performance.”
Hollie Murphy, Head of Marketing, MaxiNutrition

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Strategic recommendations to power personalisation

Alongside RedEye helping MaxiNutrition with the day-to-day campaigns, a key objective of the managed services package was for RedEye to help with strategic recommendations to increase their automation output.


The RedEye account management team were tasked with segmentation analysis, focused on prospect conversion and the development of a full customer lifecycle automation programme.


A gap analysis was produced, and the performance of the current behavioural workflows assessed. From this, a plan was formulated to build out the new automations.

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Building smart automations and workflows to cover the entire customer lifecycle

The seasoned marketing automation specialists in the Client Services team at RedEye got to work on making this new marketing automation strategy a reality.


The Welcome journey

Focussed upon optimising the entire customer journey to generate the highest potential in conversion, the team started off with the critical welcome journey first building a campaign that gave the perfect first impression.


Abandonment series

Next on the list was the abandonment series. Multi-stage journeys were built for website visitors who:

  • Abandoned their basket
  • Last viewed a product without purchase
  • Visited specific categories


Post purchase journeys

Moving through the customer lifecycle, the next automated workflow created by the RedEye team was the post purchase journey.


A first purchase renewal programme was created to entice customers to reorder their previous purchase and lock in that second purchase turning customers from single purchasers into multi-purchasers.


Lapsing customer automations

For the end of the customer lifecycle, special automations were built for high value lapsing customers.


Those that had not reordered during their normal ordering cycle were targeted with a series of emails employing the use of RedEye’s automate unique voucher code system. Strategically used, these incentives brought back customers who were close to churning.


By creating a whole host of automated workflows, targeting each stage of the customer lifecycle, MaxiNutrition accomplished a fantastic 37.8% growth in their customer database size.

“I couldn't be more pleased with the results we've achieved with our marketing automation strategy. We’ve been able to create many new automated workflows across the customer lifecycle which we could not have achieved by ourselves. RedEye's technical, design and segmentation skills have proved to be invaluable.”

Hollie Murphy, Head of Marketing, MaxiNutrition

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Reducing the headache of a rebranding exercise

MaxiNutrition is the new brand name for Maxi-Muscle. When it came to a rebranding exercise the ability to tap into the resources of their managed services team at RedEye reduced the pressure on their marketing team.


There was much to do in preparation for the day of the rebrand. Not least, the technical requirements of changing over the domain name, which in turn, required a full migration and QA of website tagging plus SSL setup.


To keep the good IP and domain reputation MaxiNutrition had established over the years, email and reporting domains were created and mapped – including a mini warm-up plan for the new domain pointing to the established IP.


Whilst the technical requirements were in hand for a smooth transition, at the same time the client services team were progressing through the rebranding changes required for MaxiNutrition’s triggered automations and workflows.


The team diligently updated every creative with the new logo, imagery, url updates and changed the sending addresses in time for the rebrand launch.

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A ROI of 95.6% by supplementing the team with RedEye

In the space of 12 months, MaxiNutrition customer database has grown by 37.8% and they have achieved a ROI of 95.6% in just 6 months!


By using RedEye MaxiNutrition’s marketing team have increased efficiency and productivity, as well as achieving faster project completion times for their automations and campaigns.


With a fluctuating workload and varying turnaround times MaxiNutrition easily scaled up their marketing activities up or down depending on their needs through RedEye’s managed services packages in an extremely cost-effective manner.

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“The ability to communicate with our customers in a personalised and timely manner, based on their onsite behaviours and preferences has made all the difference in building stronger relationships and ultimately driving conversion.


It feels like the team at RedEye have been additional members of my marketing team from day one, offering exceptional support and guidance every step of the way.”
Hollie Murphy, Head of Marketing, MaxiNutrition

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