TravelUp Case Study

TravelUp see a 12% increase in conversion by implementing a data-driven marketing automation strategy to support rapid growth

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At a glance


• Creating an accurate single customer view


• 12% increase in conversion rate


• 22% of revenue generated by behavioural email sends


• 300% increase in performance from triggered campaigns with personalised content compared with newsletters

A better understanding of bookers’ behaviour to drive personalisation

TravelUp is a fast-growing travel company offering worldwide holidays and flights, featured in The Sunday Times 2018 Fast Track 100 companies.


To support their rapid growth TravelUp identified that they needed to bring together all of their customer data in order to build a richer data set. This richer data set would give them the ability to understand their bookers’ behaviour, to drive personalised marketing communications to grow and retain their customer base.


TravelUp was looking for a multi-channel Marketing Automation Hub to build marketing campaigns and multi-channel lifecycles.

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TravelUp wanted more than just a software solution

As a resource-lean business, they were also looking for support from the provider they chose. TravelUp wanted strategic consultancy and input, from help getting started quickly through to ensuring their marketing was both timely and relevant to their various groups of customers.


They realised that to create a much improved customer experience for their expanding customer base they would need help from their chosen partner.

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Combining data sources to create an accurate single customer view

TravelUp worked with RedEye to first of all identify customers across a myriad of touchpoints to create an accurate single customer view (SCV), enhancing their data accuracy greatly, creating the basis for a consistent customer communication strategy.


With an accurate SCV in place TravelUp were then able to identify key new segments and customer drivers, for instance segments based on online customer behaviour, and apply channel engagement as a driver, developing a tailored segmentation plan with RedEye’s support.

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Enhancing the customer experience through highly targeted and relevant email sends

A tailored segmentation plan was then implemented into TravelUp’s marketing communications plan, transforming their marketing automation from mass sends to highly targeted and personalised sends.


Finally, utilising behavioural data from their website, which was integrated into RedEye’s Marketing Automation platform, they were able to create a bespoke customer lifecycle strategy, helping them add a new depth to their overarching marketing communication strategy, enhancing the customer experience.

Triggered behavioural emails are key to revenue growth

The TravelUp and RedEye partnership has worked hard to drive the customer communication strategy to date, generating fantastic results. Since working with RedEye, TravelUp have seen a 12% increase in their conversion rate, showing the impact of implementing a single customer view combined with highly targeted communications.


What’s more, when looking at a comparison of behavioural and tactical email sends, tactical email sends made up 99.76% of the total send volume and generated 78.11% of revenue, whereas behavioural emails made up just 0.24% of total send volume but contributed 21.89% of revenue. This really highlights the importance of an advanced marketing automation programme.

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“We are really pleased we made the move to RedEye. The platform is easy to use; the RedEye team are very knowledgeable and always happy to help. The migration went smoothly, and we have already seen significant improvements across all KPI’s compared to our old ESP, which will just continue to improve as we evolve our digital strategy. It’s an exciting time for marketing at TravelUp!”

Group Marketing Manager


increase in conversion rate


increase in performance from triggered campaigns with personalised content compared with newsletters, as found in a recent study


of revenue generated by behavioural email sends

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