Travis Perkins Client Story

Explore RedEye's client story with Travis Perkins, the leading builder's merchant

Who are Travis Perkins?

Travis Perkins have been helping to build Britain for over 200 years, supplying building materials to the trade, becoming one of the largest suppliers to the UK’s building and construction industry.


With a national network of more than 650 branches and over 100,000 product lines they are a well-known brand in the building trade industry. Being able to provide an online presence, which is as well respected as their bricks and mortar shops, was crucial for Travis Perkins.

Why RedEye?

Travis Perkins were looking for a partner that could support their rapid online growth, with the right tools and the right expertise. When Travis Perkins came to RedEye their offline expertise was extensive, but they wanted to uncover their digital potential as they created their first ever ecommerce website.


Travis Perkins were looking for a digital marketing partner who could work closely with them to achieve their core business objectives, to extend their high-quality customer experience to their online channels.


Travis Perkins knew RedEye was the right fit to help them right from the beginning of their journey, with the knowledge and experience to drive excellent multi-channel communications.

Picking up fencing

The Travis Perkins Requirement

To work with a partner that can provide high-level expertise on implementing a multi-channel journey, online and offline, to drive revenue


To work with a supplier that can keep them up-to-date about best practice and industry standards to stay ahead of the game.


To partner with an advanced Marketing Automation platform to drive their digital transformation project


To gain access to their data and develop an in-depth understanding of their customers To work with a supplier to utilise usability testing to guide the development of their brand-new website.

“It was clear from the start that RedEye were going to be the perfect fit to support us through our digital transformation project. With little digital presence we really needed a supplier who could guide us, not vice versa, RedEye have really pulled through and continue to do so.


From helping us set up the most basic of emails at the start of the project, to creating multi-channel journeys or implementing their Predictive Modeller tool, we trust them implicitly to drive results for us. We look forward to the future to see what else we will be able to achieve together.”


Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Travis Perkins


increase in revenue


increase in online orders from email


increase in click through rate

Watch our video to find out more about our relationship



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