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Time is Money: WatchShop boosts revenue by 139% through RedEye’s Managed Services

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At a glance

• Using RedEye’s managed services results in a 139% increase in revenue for WatchShop


• Achieving a 738% Return On Investment


• WatchShop’s database of engaged customers grew by over 128%


• Over 30 automated journeys created by the team

Introducing WatchShop

Starting in 1991 as a high street jeweller in Reading, WatchShop entered eCommerce in 2007 and have since grown into the biggest independent watch retailer in the UK.


WatchShop pride themselves on being the No. 1 for Brands in the designer watch world. Stocking over 150 top brands, from Versace to HUGO, as well as active leisure brands such as Garmin.


WatchShop gives VIP treatment to its customers by offering standout exclusives from the likes of Rotary, Guess and STORM London.

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Using the specialists to gain an advantage

When WatchShop signed with RedEye, getting the expertise and support was just as important as the technology powering the platform.


To reach time-to-value as quickly as possible WatchShop acquired a three month managed services package to run alongside their onboarding journey.


On their previous platform, WatchShop only had a basic welcome email and abandoned basket email set-up. A key objective of the move was to build up the automated journeys and harness the power of customer engagement data from website visits and transactions.

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The warm-up process

As part of the onboarding process, the first phase was to build up the new domain and IP reputation. Working with the team at WatchShop, RedEye identified the most suitable customer segments to start the warm-up process.


Over time, the segment sizes and sending frequency were gradually increased and adjusting if necessary to keep the domain healthy across all major ISPs – eliminating the chances of being throttled or messages being blocked from reaching the inbox.

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Building up the number of behavioural-based automations

Running parallel to the warm-up process, and contributing towards a positive sender reputation by targeting engaged subscribers, was the creation of over 30 automated journeys.


The client services team at RedEye were tasked with the delivery, using their years of email marketing experience to create best practice automations that would produce higher conversions. The automations included:


  • A welcome journey series
  • A full abandonment programme including basket, product and category including multiple follow ups
  • A five stage post purchase journey
  • Retargeting audience extracts for Google Ads and Facebook


In addition to this, all these journeys were replicated across WatchShop’s international territories spanning Sweden, Poland, Spain, Germany, Ireland. Netherlands, France and Italy.


Including all automated extracts and journeys, in total over 85 schedules in these campaigns were created from start to finish by RedEye.

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“As WatchShop continues to grow at a rapid pace, we needed a solution to help us manage our marketing automation efficiency with limited resource.


With the help of RedEye’s managed services, we’re now able to send personalised and engaging content to our subscribers across all our territories. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on creating valuable content.


We’re delighted with the results so far and excited to see what the future holds for our email marketing strategy.”
Rajpal Bhogal, Head of Marketing, WatchShop

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The joys of automating retargeting audience extracts

Advertising on social channels and Google Ads is a hugely important element of WatchShop’s marketing activities.


RedEye got to work on setting up many customers segments based on their behavioural and purchase habits to create custom audience extracts for Google Ads and Facebook across all international territories.


The improved targeting and selection helped WatchShop deliver their advertisements to the right audience, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.


The team created specific targeted segments for brand loyals of Ted Baker, HUGO as well as jewellery purchasers. New segments based on similar audience behaviour were also extracted to social.

We're thrilled to see the impact RedEye is having on our advertising campaigns. With the ability to seamlessly send custom audience extracts to Google and Facebook, we're delivering targeted messaging at scale and maximizing engagement and reducing ad wastage. It's a game-changer for our marketing."

Rajpal Bhogal, Head of Marketing, WatchShop

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Growing quickly at scale

All of the above could not have been achieved quickly by WatchShop’s marketing team alone. By outsourcing this critical process to RedEye, WatchShop were able to focus on their core operations whilst RedEye took care of the marketing automation migration and journey enhancements.


Just two months into the contract, WatchShop extended the managed service package to six months covering their peak sales period and to help with ongoing campaign management.


Utilising manage services has provided significant cost advantages for WatchShop. They have avoided the associated costs of hiring and training in-house staff in a notoriously difficult specialism to recruit for.


Additionally, WatchShop have enjoyed a level of flexibility allowing their business to scale up or down its marketing automation efforts without incurring additional fixed costs.

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Working together as one team for effective campaign management

RedEye took care of all of WatchShop’s day-to-day campaign sends during the first six months. Both teams worked collaboratively to deliver fantastic results through increased efficiency and effectiveness.


For ultimate efficiency, RedEye designed and built a master email template, to best practice and latest coding standards, for WatchShop’s in-house designer to create assets for.


Designs for the latest campaigns were created in Photoshop and sent over to RedEye’s client services team to code into HTML and CSS using the master template. This process proved to be very effective and time efficient.


RedEye’s Account Management team would handle the project management of the campaign calendar, meeting bi-weekly to ensure their campaigns were designed and executed in a way that maximised engagement and conversions.


This was achieved by building reporting dashboards, analysing segments, creating new opportunities from the data such as viewed brands and purchased brands and gaining insights into best practices and industry trends to help WatchShop develop a sophisticated customer experience.

“Our joint efforts in planning and executing email campaigns have resulted in fantastic results, with a significant boost in revenue for our business.


The managed services team truly went above and beyond to understand our goals and audience, and their expertise in email marketing was invaluable in creating targeted and effective campaigns. Working together was seamless, and the communication between both teams was excellent.


I can confidently say that this partnership has been instrumental in our success.”
Rajpal Bhogal, Head of Marketing, WatchShop

Delivering results that matter

The results speak for themselves! The engagement levels of WatchShop’s customer database grew by over 128% for their most engaged customers.


WatchShop achieved a 139% increase in revenue compared to the three months prior.


But was the managed services contract profitable? It most certainly was! Without even factoring in head count for managing the process in-house, WatchShop’s ROI based on last click campaign conversion stood at an incredible 738%!


increase in revenue


return on investment


increase in engaged customers

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