11 Social Media Ideas to Revitalise Your Content

    Suffering from a creative block or social media overload? Take a look at our social media ideas and tips to revitalise your content and help improve social media engagement. These ideas are from our in-house experts and can be taken and tailored to your own industry.

    1. Ask for help


    Engage with your followers by asking them to help you. This could be with anything from naming a new product to asking for suggestions on content.

    2. Repost


    There’s no reason not to re-use the work you’ve created in the past. Repost links to old content articles that have worked well or that are still relevant.

    3. Ask a question


    Get your followers thinking by asking them to answer a question. For a beauty brand, it may be asking them to name their favourite beauty icon, or for a travel company it may be asking customers to share their favourite destinations.

    4. Share things you like


    Don’t just share your own content. In order to gain followers, share articles, pictures or quotes you like from brands or people you admire and that fit with your own business ethos.

    5. Annual or monthly round-ups


    It may be calling out your most active followers, or re-sharing the posts that got the most social media engagement.

    6. Share customer pictures


    This one works particularly well for fashion brands, but will also work for holiday vendors, car manufacturers and all sorts of other businesses ­– search social media for hashtags mentioning your brand and share photos of customers wearing or photographing your products. Just remember to always credit the owner when sharing user-generated content.

    7. Throw it back


    Recently, hashtags like #throwbackthursday have gained popularity on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Capitalise on this by posting your own throwback posts. We all love a bit of nostalgia and it will give your brand’s communications a human touch.

    8. Run a flash sale


    Snapchat is a particularly good channel for running short promotions only available to your followers, but this will also work on other channels. Simply share a code and let the clock tick.

    9. Stop pushing products


    Organic social media is not the place for you to share static product shots and ‘buy now’ straplines. It’s well worth investing in paid social media for this – see our guide to proving social media ROI.

    10. Host a takeover


    Get someone influential in your industry to take over the running of your social channels for an afternoon and have a Q&A with fans.

    11. Share something inspirational


    An inspiring story, person or encounter often gets shared lots and is a great way to let your customers know what your brand is passionate about. Whether that’s a story of inspired recyclers for an ethical clothing brand, or the story of an entrepreneur succeeding against the odds for a B2B business consultancy, find something relevant and get sharing.

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