Give Your Marketing Campaigns a Workout with Testing

    Vasudha Khandeparkar | Head of Insights

    Taking the leap

    We’ve all been there. Made a New Year’s resolution that is going to be hard to keep, like waking up early to get an hour’s workout done before beginning your day. At first, the lack of sleep is a big detractor and puts a spanner in the works for even the most resolute. But those who persevere reap the rewards.

    This is just how you should think of testing. Essentially you are giving up a proportion of your current campaign send volumes, to test on, to help achieve a long term understanding of your customers. Just like getting up at the crack of dawn for a run, the benefits really do outweigh the negatives.

    Testing also allows you to find out what marketing strategies and activities are suitable for your different customer types. Results from testing should help you hone future campaigns and ultimately achieve better results.

    Overcoming your fears

    Once you overcome the fear of losing a portion of your send volume, there is the next hurdle. There is often confusion around how to run a test, derailing any well-made plans.
    Ask yourself, what is your goal behind waking up early and sweating it out at the gym? Think of what you want to gain from the test. We have pulled together a simple flow chart to help you determine what to test and how to read the results.

    The most important thing to remember when running any test is to ensure you can attribute results to every change you are making to the campaign. The easiest way to do this is to test one thing at a time. Remember once you have significant results, make sure you action the changes and start a new testing cycle aimed at something else. Otherwise how will you know whether it is the early morning jog or the new diet plan that is helping you get in shape? Lost revenue due to a test campaign not being stopped and changes implemented, can overshadow the learnings from the campaign.

    Seeing the results

    The final piece of the puzzle is to measure your results. How do you know if waking up early was worth it? If you don’t know what you’re aiming to achieve from your rigorous exercise schedule, you wouldn’t be able to assess your progress or have any positive results to motivate yourself. The one thing to keep in mind when measuring results is the need to use a proper formula to check the significance of the results. The champion-challenger model or highest number wins can give you paradoxical answers and cause you to make the wrong decision. Here are some sample results to help you get your head around it.
    So go on, give your campaigns a workout. The early mornings (and hopefully testing) may become a habit!