Never, In The Field of Predictive Analytics….

Roisin Evans | Strategy Director
…has so much. Been known. About so many. By so few. Potentially.
Hmm, not sure that works does it? But forgive me. I’m channelling Churchill (the legendary leader, not the car insurance dog, obviously. Oooooh, yes).
“But why?” I hear you cry in exasperation.
Well, Thursday sees the return of one of my favourite days of the year, and in 2019 it’ll be taking place in the Churchill War Rooms, not far from Downing Street. It’s our annual Client VIP Day.
(I should stress at this point that all our clients are incredibly important. Ahem.)
The venue is appropriate, home as it has been to all manner of confidential conversations. One of the main reasons for bringing our clients, industry experts and guest speakers together is to allow them to speak freely and openly about their challenges and objectives, without worrying that their innermost commercial secrets might find their way into enemy hands…
Certainly, in previous years the feedback has been that the opportunity to get out of the weeds of the everyday, to meet peers from different companies and sectors, and to discuss and learn from each other’s experiences is one of the most useful aspects of the day for clients.
And for us too, of course. The day features a workshop session, and at our last event we invited clients to help define our product roadmap. In doing so, they fundamentally altered our strategic direction (in a very positive way, I should say).
This year’s workshop turns things around and, through a working predictive model based on a full set of (anonymised) data, it will give our clients insight into how they can employ data insights to make better decisions in their marketing, increasing conversions, revenue and Customer Lifetime Value.
Based on our own knowledge of each client, the event also allows us to match-make clients facing specific challenges with those we know to have overcome similar ones. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the relationships made during the day sustain well beyond the gathering itself.
It’s a great day all round. Inspiring and fun. The easiest way to get involved is to become a RedEye client, of course.
But I’ve said too much already. Mum’s the word, eh?
*Sits back, lights cigar*

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