Love me? Love me not? How can you Harness your Customer’s Reviews?

    Sarah Clowes | Senior Campaign Designer

    In a world where researching reviews before making a purchase decision is commonplace (Econsultancy reports 61% of consumers do this), is the generation of reviews and review emails a crucial part of our marketing strategies - or simply a fad?

    How apt that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, what better time to decide which brands we ‘love’ and which we would rather leave out in the cold!

    Leaving a product review is nothing new, but in 2016 as opinions are bordering on feisty and everyone seems to want to have a say, we may well see a rise in the humble review. This in turn may well result in a push in ‘real’ feedback as marketers start to introduce more ‘review’ specific email campaigns.

    In 2014, it was found that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (discovered in a study by Now, in 2016, with the further increase in the trend of social sharing, this figure can only be increasing! And who doesn’t like sharing?

    Personally I am a lover of customer reviews and the more ‘real’ they are the better. If I am about to part with my hard-earned cash, I want to know what others have discovered before me… the good, the bad and the ugly!

    So how can we engage the customer in the hope of encouraging them to contribute their review?

    Well, here are a few of my suggestions:

    1) How about linking your campaign email to a review specific microsite? Many of our clients rely on microsites to really add value to their database and review data is no different.

    2) You could delve into the new world of Agile Content. Our exciting technology allows you to implement a live poll directly into your email! Just imagine, you could be asking your customers directly what they think of your current email creatives or what they would like to appear in their next email. And what’s more, you can receive this feedback instantly!

    3) Why not automate a follow-up email to be triggered at a set time after a customer has made a purchase? Make this email ‘review specific’ and maybe even incentivise the process - everyone loves an added bonus! Brand Republic agreed, offering a discount for writing an honest product review not only increases engagement, but also makes customers feel valued by creating a feeling of exclusivity.

    With this in mind, don’t let the social media channels steal your thunder! Why not harness your own review data and use it to really target your customers to drive sales? A bit of real life feedback goes a long way and it is definitely worth a shot.

    So, in conclusion, what will 2016 mean to you in terms of the ‘love’ your brand receives? Will you take the opportunity to engage your customers to review your products and share this happily with your avid fans? Or will it be a time to sit back and hope word of mouth works for you? You might be missing a trick!