Our Guide to Marketing Terms & Buzzwords

We have been working to put together a comprehensive glossary of marketing terms, to help demystify the marketing jargon that is banded around on a daily basis, we're nice like that!

We will also keep adding to this glossary as time goes on.

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A/B Split Test Testing 2 variants within an email, e.g. blue CTA vs red CTA
A/B Testing A technique for testing a hypothesis that compares two or more versions of a web page to see which performs best
Above the Fold Content above the natural fold within a creative (i.e. what the user will see prior to having to scroll)
Account Management A department within RedEye dedicated to supporting, maintaining and developing client accounts
Agile Content The use of agile content in email is to include real time information that updates to be up-to-the-minute
AI Artificial Intelligence
Analytics Review The review of an organisations website statistics to understand perfomance and pain points
AOV Average Order Value - calculated by dividing sales revenue by number of orders
API Application Programming Interface
ATL Above the line marketing campaigns, e.g. TV/Media/Print
BAU Business as usual
Behavioural Data Any information produced as a result of an action or activity undertaken by an individual
Behavioural Email A send that is based off a customer's activity that is targeted and can be personalised, e.g. Basket Abadonment, Welcome Sign-up, Post Purchase
Blacklist A list of email addresses regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and often marked down for punishment or exclusion
Bounce rate Percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page
BTL Below the line marketing campaigns, e.g. more targeted, personalised campaigns
Campaign Email A one off send 
Campaign Management Tool (CMT) The campaign management tool is the interface used to create and deploy marketing campaigns, this is part of the Contour suite
Canvas The main visual space within the Campaign Management Tool, where campaign elements are dragged too
CDP Customer Data Platform
Churn Rate The percentage rate at which customers stop purchasing / unsubscribing to a service of a product 
Click Through Rate Calculated by dividing clicks by the volume of emails opened
Competitor Review The identification of your competitors and the evaluation of their presence to determine strengths and weaknesses
Contextual Data Any information that provides a view of the circumstances or setting around an action or activity
Contour RedEye's Marketing Automation platform which is overlayed with a Single Customer View database
Conversion Rate Calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of clicks
Conversion Rate Optimisation The process of optimising your site to increase the likelihood that visitors will complete a specific action, e.g make a purchase
Cookies A small text file stored on the user's computer that provides a way for the website to recognise you and keep track of your preferences
Cost Per Acquistion (CPA) The average cost for acquiring a single customer
Cost Per Enagement (CPE) The cost of someone engaging with your marketing activity, e.g. Like, Share, Retweet, Reaction, Pin
Cost Per Thousand (CPM) The cost per 1,000 advertisement impressions
CRM  Customer Relationship Management
CRO Conversion Rate Optimisation
Cross-channel Marketing The use of a number of different marketing channels throughout the customer journey communicating a consistent brand message
Cross Device Identification This blog explains more in detail
CTA Call to Action
Customer Data Platform A Customer Data Platform is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems. Specifically it is controlled by the marketing department, not IT and creates a comprehensive view of each customer by capturing data from different sources. This view can then be used by other systems (external to the CDP or built in to it) to manage customer and prospect interactions for the commercial benefit of the business or organisation
Customer Experience The product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer. A good customer experience would be when the individual's experience matches their expectations
Customer Identification The process of identifying an individual customer and merging their interactions and engagements into one single customer record
Customer Insight The understanding of data, information, trends, situations and problems specifically in relation to the customers of an organisation gained through analysis of data or a combination of business knowledge, data and analytics
Customer Journey Analysis The analysis of the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with a company
Customer Lifetime Value The total amount of money coming from a customer over the entire relationship with that customer
Customer Segmentaion Customer segmentation is the identification and subdivision of customers into a group or groups based on specific criteria or similar characteristics
CX Customer experience
Data Insight The understanding of data, information, trends, situations and problems gained through analysis of data or a combination of business knowledge, data and analytics
Data Visualisation Placing data in a visual context to help aid understanding of analysis and deriving insights
Deduplication The removal of any information that may either appear in more than one instance. This can also be considered as the removal of any information that is redundant
Demographic Data Statistical data pertaining to a population or group of individuals sharing at least one common factor
DM Direct Mail
Direct Mail What you get in the post!
Dynamic Content Content that is tailored to the recipient based on their personal data. For more information head to our Dynamic Content guide
Email Creative The actual design and layout of an email 
Email Marketing The act of sending marketing messages to customers and prospects who have opted in and asked to receive promotional material via email. This could be on a 1:1 basis or enmasse
ERA/ EPR Email performance report
ESP Email service provider
GA Google Analytics
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation
General Data Protection Regulation This blog explains more in detail
Hard Bounce An email message that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid
Hero Image Image at the top of the send that captures and defines the main action/purpose of the email
HTML Hyper Text Markup Language, the language designed emails are written in
IA Research IA (Information Architecture) Research explores the organisation, categorisation and labelling of content on a website
IM Incident Management
Impressions The number of times your content is seen
In-app Notifications A message that pops up on a mobile sent by an app publisher. Also referred to as push messaging
The structural design of shared information environments; the art and science of organising and labelling websites to support usability and findability
Interactive Email An email that uses movement / animation to deliver key content in a campaign
ISO International Standards Organisation
ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard
ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
ISP Internet service provider
Lapsing and Lapsed Customers Customers who haven't engaged with email or transacted within the last X amount of months 
Machine Learning A type of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables a computer to learn without being explicitly programmed
Marketing Automation Software that automates marketing actions. At RedEye, it is Contour that automates our clients marketing
Mobile Marketing A strategy aimed at reaching a target audience through their smartphone, using channels such as, apps, SMS, email, website and social media
Multi-channel Marketing The use of multiple channels and devices, to engage your customer wherever they are
Multivariate Testing A technique for testing a hypothesis in which multiple web page variables are modified
Omni-channel Marketing The combination of cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing, it is the provision of a seamless customer experience where the marketing message is personalised, consistent and appropriate to each device and channel
Open Rate Calculated by dividing the number of emails opened by the number of emails delivered
Parameter A parameter is the name of the data header that contains values that are stored against the customer's data record. Paramaters can have different storage types and formats
Permissions The permission status is whether someone is opted in or out to receive marketing emails. Can either be 1 or 0, yes or no
POC Proof of concept
Predictive Analytics This blog explains more in detail
Predictive Modelling The process of using statistical techniques to estimate the likelihood of a future event occurring
Prototyping An interactive mock up or demo of a page or website, which shows how it might look or behave when it goes live
Push Messaging A message that pops up on a mobile sent by an app publisher. Also referred to as in-app notifications
Reach Total number of people that saw your advert
Relvance or Quality Score A rating of 1 to 10 based on how your audience is responding to your advert
ROI Return On Investment 
SAAS Software as a Service
SCV Single Customer View
SDK Software Development Kit
Segmentation Splitting data into smaller parts based on at least one common factor
Silos Data warehouses storing disparate nuggets of customers information
Single Column View Designed in such a way that rendering on mobile is considered on desktop design
Single Customer View A singular frame of reference for customer data that is an accurate, consistent and functional representation of all the known data sources held by an organisation pertaining to their customers
SMS Marketing Deployment of a text based campaign, triggered through either behavioural activity, ad-hoc campaigns or service based activity.  Beneficial to use when sending an urgent communication or improving overall campaign performance
Social Media Marketing Utilising social media platforms to target social networks to promote brand awareness or particular products or services, using either organic or paid for avenues
Soft Bounce An email message that gets as far as the recipient's mail server but is bounced back, undelivered, before it gets to the intended recipient
Spam Unsolicited messages which are sent by email
STO Send Time Optimisation 
Subject Line Testing Undertaking a comparison of different subject lines on the same email schedule
Tagging GUI A tagging GUI (Graphical User Interface) once setup and configured on to a website is designed to make the adding, removing, editing and auditing of website tags easier
Technical Support A department within RedEye dedicated to technical implementation and support across the business
Transactional Data Any information produced as a result of a specific event. The event is usually in conjunction with numeric financial values and occurs at a specific point in time
Transactional Email A send using transactional data, looking at previous purchased products etc 
UCR Unique Click Rate, the number of clicks based on the number of opens
UOR Unique Open Rate
Usability Testing A way of evaluating how easy to use a website is by testing it with real users
User Centred Design User-centred design ( UCD ) is a project approach that puts the needs and goals of intended users of a site at the centre of its design
User Experience The process of understanding user behaviours, needs and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis and other feedback methodologies
User Interface Design Design with a focus on the user's experience and interaction
USP Unique Selling Points
UVC Unique View of the Customer
UX User experience
Value A value is what is stored against a parameter for a customer's data record
Website Personalisation Website Personalisation from Contour allows you to provide a customer experience like no other. Build on your customers’ previous interactions with you and align your marketing channels by delivering a personalised visit to your website
Wireframes They layout of a web page showing the placement, prioritisation and behaviour  of functional elements of that page, typically used for planning a site's structure and functionality
WYSIWYG A visual editing system within our platform, Contour. For example, the creative/template editor within the tool
XDI Cross Device Identification

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