Multi-Channel Personalisation: Taking the Next Big Step

    Hannah Johnston | Senior Marketing Executive

    If you’re looking to get started with personalisation then we'd recommend you start here as delivering multi-channel personalisation, which is what we’re focussing on in this blog, is a whole different ball game. Multi-channel personalisation is more challenging to achieve with every marketing channel and device needing to work together in a consistent and complementary way.

    If you’re not sure whether you are quite at the multi-channel personalisation stage or not, you should take our handy 7 step questionnaire and find out.

    Why Take Your Personalisation Multi-Channel?

    Simply put - improve the customer experience and therefore increase conversion. Give the customer what they want, when they want it! The customer doesn’t care if they were reading one of your emails but proceeded to buy instore. They want their journey to purchase to be consistent regardless.

    It’s All About the Data

    So, you are undertaking some form of personalisation, be it through your emails or on your website or both, but now you want to go multi-channel!  The key that will unlock the door to multi-channel personalisation, is without a doubt, data. 

    At this point, data is in fact a whole lot more important than the content. If you can’t collate information from across the channels you market through and break down those silos to create unified audiences, then you are have a challenge on your hands. But big challenges bring big rewards, trust us, it will be worth it!

    The Bedrock of Multi-Channel Personalisation

    Invest time, resource and budget and select a data platform that is able to integrate your current data tools, while also providing channel automation – a true control centre for multi-channel personalisation.

    Automation is key to multi-channel personalisation, manual processes really are the devil. Multi-channel personalisation cannot happen without a marketing automation solution. When it comes to personalisation, the combination of options are endless so automation is crucial. A central data platform that can also provide predictive analytics capabilities is always going to be a plus.

    What You Can Do Right Now

    Deep dive into your customer data and explore your customer journeys spanning all channels, from acquisition and retention, through to lapsed. Put pen to paper and walk a mile in your customer’s shoes, then you will be far better informed and implementing multi-channel personalisation will be far easier.

    Next up, review the state of your technology, don’t be held back by your technology. If you feel your current technology is prohibitive from a data and integration perspective, complete a full tech stack review. You should already be personalising your emails and web experiences, so first consider if your current suite of tools allows you to build a data platform that can integrate into your wider channel delivery ecosystem. More often than not it will be easier and faster to consider a new data platform. Third-party systems offer a quicker route to market and help you avoid some of the common mistakes. Don’t be afraid to use a third party, in the long term you can learn from them and eventually build your own data platform.

    To sum up, we say go bold and be committed! Once you have personalised your email and website experiences, the real work begins and the quick wins are found in your data.