Video: RedEye Client VIP Day 2019 Highlights

On June 6th 2019, not only did the day mark the 75th  anniversary of the Normandy Landings in World War II, but it also saw us host our annual VIP Client Day at rather fittingly, the Churchill War Rooms. 

The venue provided a great backdrop to our event, with informative and inspiring guest speakers from Forrester, and Don't just take our word for it. Watch our highlights video to see for yourself.
Video Transcipt:

Here at the RedEye VIP event it's been absolutely fantastic, a brilliant venue certainly on a prestigious day as today with the D-Day landings, it's been absolutely fantastic.  It's been fascinating when it's such a great venue to come to.

RedEye customers understand how they're using and working with RedEye - listening to the speakers I get some insights into how we can better use data. It’s absolutely fantastic.
Data permeates everything that we do and informs decisions in our behaviours.
Talks have genuinely really inspired me, they’ve introduced me to a few features of RedEye that I either didn't know about or I was not familiar with.
Each one of the tables here today has got an example case study. I'm going to give you 20 minutes to start reading through your different case studies and coming up with some great ideas. At the end of 20 minutes we want one volunteer from each table to present back your conclusions and findings of what you’re going to do.
The major thing that I'll be taking away will be the difference between personalisation and individualisation, not necessarily chasing down who they are, what their dog's name is etc. It's about really understanding if they're looking to purchase or if they're just within that research phase. Because we all know within travel there's a huge amount of research that goes in before the actual purchase and that's something that TravelUp as a whole needs to focus on moving forward.
Naivety is the best thing that you can ever have starting a company.
Seeing someone like Holly speak is inspiring not just on a professional but on a really personal level. It's always very encouraging when you see someone that's run with an idea like and had the success she's had. It does remind you to not be afraid to run and not fear failure.

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